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Tingling and numbness, nausia

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  • March 7, 2009
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I am a 21y/o male student from Australia.

About 3 years ago, I had a few days of feeling light headed when I was standing. Then one evening I had a severe and sudden onset of numbness and tingling in all my extremities, getting progressively worse, and extreme nausea/dissiness/vertigo, almost as if I had suddenly acquired an extreme middle-ear problem that was affecting my balance. It felt as if I was spinning constantly.

As it got worse I went to lay down, and my pins and needles got progressively worse too, to the point where I could no longer move my distant extremities and my entire body was numb / tingly (including face, ears, tounge, etc) It became hard to talk (to my father who had absolutely no idea what was going on). I also had severe cramps in random parts of my body during this time. After approx 20 minutes, I felt as though I was starting to black out, and then I severely vomitted several times after which I had almost immediate relief.

After that night I saw my GP who checked me for some basic heart issues / palpitations and he passed it off as a virus and I was to see him again if it recurred. I know it seems as though It may have been a panic attack, but I never understood why that would be the case with nothing bad happening in my life- infact prior to the sudden onset of symptoms I was getting some food and drink to go and watch my favourite tv show. I attributed the 'episode' to extremely excessive consumption (several litres/day) of diet drinks (which I now only occationaly have) which contained aspartame and other comparably unhealthy chemicals.

For 3 years I was in more or less normal health, until approx a month ago.

After a few hours at work (im a cook) I finished my shift and I felt amazingly exhausted and fatigued (at about lunch time), I then slept for approx 14 hours staight. The next day I awoke feeling just as exhausted - as if I had not slept for days - but dragged myself off to work. Upon arrival, over a period of about an hour, the numbness and pins and neeldes slowly returned with avengeance, along with nausia symptoms, becoming progressively worse until I vommited. Unlike 3 years earlier, this time I was more or less paralysed and found it extremely difficult to move or even talk, for perhaps 5 minutes, after which the 'paralysis' started to go away over a priod of about 10 minutes.

Fearing I had something massively wrong with me, I went to a nearby hostpial ER. I had two ECG over a period of 3 hours and some blood tests, and blood sugar tests. All were fine. I dont know what blood tests were done. My doctor there wrote a report of my symptoms to hand to a GP if these symptoms returned. It says "ECG NAD. ELFT/FBC NAD". After I left the hospital the tiredness gradually went away over approx 2 days. My ER doctor finally attributed it to axienty/hyperventilation, however until just before vomiting I was not aware of any changes in heart rate or increased breathing. Also, there is not much to be axious about at my work at 6am in the morning.

For the last month everything seemed fine, until the about a week ago when I was randomly waiting in the checkout que at my supermarket, when I suddenly became dissy and light headed. By the time I got to my car my limbs were slightly numb and had pins and needles. I waited approx 20 mins for the symptoms to go away (would not risk driving like that of course) however they did not - so I walked the short distance home and went to sleep for a few hours after which I felt somewhat better. While waiting the car I remember what my ER doctor had said about axienty/hyperventiallation. I checked and recorded my heart/breathing rate - it was 74 beats per minute and about 14 breaths per minute. I also tried breathing at a much slower and shallower rate than normal for a few minutes however it had no effect on my symptoms.

I never went to a GP about it... For the last week I've felt fine, but was wondering about what could be behind it all and found this site. I noticed in other fairly simmilar threads that alot of people with all-over-pins-and-needles had previously smoked pot - however I have never done any illegal drugs and I have not even drunk alcohol for years (I'm a full-fledged ***d). For the record I dont smoke either.

Also, I dont know if it could be related, but sometimes especially if I'm feeling tired or my neck is bent forward, it can cause my eyes to rock uncontrollably left and right which takes several minutes to go away. But that has happened for a few months now... Sometimes it is occumpanied by slight dizzyness where I feel like I'm slowly spinning left (it is always left). Should I see a ENT specialist about that (middle ear issue?????)

I have no idea whats going on,


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  • I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well.Look at information on vasovagal response, (episode or syncope),alot of what you wrote about fits. I didn't look at many resources but Wikipedia.org had a nice list of symptoms.Look also at carotid sinus hypersensitivity, or carotid sinus syncope,some people can have a profound response, I have seen it. A cardiologist would be very familiar with both issues, they are not that uncommon. Your doctor may have already thought of these issues and ruled them out but if not might be worth taking a look at.Hang in there!
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  • look at atypical or complex migraine
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