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they are fail to diagnose my illness

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  • Posted By: Nadoia
  • July 24, 2007
  • 02:10 PM

I'm a 48 year old woman .It all started six month ago. I got intense and painful headaches. I got some tablets thinking it is my sinus but it didn't work. Then I went to visit a dentist though it was because of my teeth , but the headache still there never gone .then I went to An ophthalmologist she suspect that I may have Glaucoma but at the end she said I have something strange in my left eye so she've sent me to a number of neurologists. Everything is as it should be. I've been in hospitals for 7 days and they gave me Clot medications without being appeared in MRI or MRV. They said I have Pressure in the head (water)
. When I wake up I can't move my head, it’s throbbing on both sides of the head. I can’t see for 3 minutes after a while my vision will come. I've tried different kinds of tablets nothing works. Now I get bad nausea may be from the pills I continue to take.
I'm not sure if all these symptoms are related or if there are different things.
Also I have high blood pressure. I get pills for this too and I do feel better regarding the pressure. But when ever I stop taking them it gets high again.
Now am continues to have visual disturbance occasional heaviness of head and giddiness with slight head ache.
Any way below all the test I have done for more information:-
Name: Nadia Mustafa
Sex: female
Age: 48
Weight :79 kilos
Complains: head ache for six month, visual disturbance for one month.
Findings V.A corrected 6/6
Anti segment – Normal both eyes
Post seg. – Bilateral papilloedema with minimal minute hemeraghras at disc margin exudates .
BP 110/80 at times increase 140/90
Pulse 86
Hb – 10.4 gm /dl ESR 48
WBC 7x1000 urea 38 – Na+ 136 K+ ¯ 3
T. Cholestrol 231
T.G 163
HDL 52
LDL 166
The sagital venus. Sinus , straight & right sigmoid sinus : Normal
Right jugular vein : Normal
Left sigmoid V.sinus & Jugular V. are not demonstrated .
Adv. Doppler left jugular two exclude thrombosis
U/S of left jugular vein
Normal Caliber patient through its full length and normal flow pattern on spectral analysis
Normal Doppler study of left jugular vein
1. ANA - by indirect immunoflurescence – negative
2. Anti's. D.N.A - by indirect immunoflurescence – negative
3. Anti cardiolipin - positive by EIA
MRI with contrast
Normal brain parenchyma
Normal brain stem
Normal ventricles
Overall finding within normal .

8/7/07 coagulation profile – Prothrombin time
Patient INR - 3.8
N. range INR (0.7 - 1.2)
Oral anti-coagulant therapy INR (2.0 – 4.0)
11/7/07 Prothrombin time
Pts INR - 2.8
16/7/07 pts INR 2.9
19/7/07 pts INR 2.0
Diagnosis - cortical sinus thrombosis ???
Moderate controlled HTN
Iron def. anemia
Dyslipedemia R/V C.T disease
Initially IV heparin 24hr drip for 3 days followed by Warfaran 5mg od- 1 week
4mg od – 1 week
3mg od – for 9 month .
Ferroussulfate 30mg bd
Atorvastatin 20mg od for 3 month
Amlodipin 5mg od .

I'm hoping you could help me or could someone here may give me an idea?
I'll be very grateful if you can diagnosis my illness.

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  • It might be worth having a second radiologist take a look at your MRI results (especially the films around your brain stem). Sometimes people have herniations of their brain stem (basically extra brain stem pushing out through the base of the skull and the start of the spine), which are called Arnold-Chiari Malformations (ACM). These can result in severe headaches, nausea, and definitely visual disturbances. A CT scan might better show this too, and sometimes an ACM will be so slight that it will go unnoticed on films. Check out www.chiaricare.com for more information and list of specialists. I will also mention that you could have an underlying condition of sleep apnea, which can severely raise blood pressure, damaging vessels and vascular walls, resulting in vision problems too. An angiography of the brain could also help show if there are any blood clots or vascular damage in the arteries of the brain.Best of luck to you & take care!
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    • August 12, 2007
    • 06:05 AM
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