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Sudden vibration in head.

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  • Posted By: clandecyon
  • March 10, 2009
  • 08:22 PM

Hey guys. I'm in my later twenties and have experienced so many new feelings over the last few years. Of course, when I feel something that I haven't felt before, I like to know what is causing it.

I used to have some digestive issues. cramps, bloating, etc. And my grandmother tested me with her diabetic equipment and I registered having low blood sugar. During this time I also would get light headed and dizzy, sometimes I would mumble my words and just couldn't function optimally. Once I even saw white spots for several seconds and had the sensation of standing up too fast, when I hadn't. I started monitoring my diet more, watching my sugar, quit my miserable job, and exercised more often.

Now I'm telling you this in case any of those symptomes could have bearing on what has happened with me in the last year. Last summer I began taking an aspiron to help prevent against alzheimers, recommended by mom who is in nursing school. After starting to take the aspiron, I felt like I could think so much better. The mumbling I had done before, which had somewhat remained along with growing memory issues, was no longer present, and my growing memory issues were significantly improved. Two days later, I suddenly got a sharp pulling pain on the upper right side of my head that only lasted a second while walking to my car from class. Then it would reoccur occasionally over the next month when I would step abruptly on my left foot (like miss a step or step in a hole). That day, I found out that I had high blood pressure by seeing the school nurse and so I started being conscious of my salt intake and trying to stay calm by taking deeper breaths and smiling more, though she told me its just because I have a type A personality (psh). That "pulling of my head" pain remained for about a month and slowly dissippated.

My blood pressure has also lowered significantly when I concentrate on it and I now function at close to what i used to before I experienced all of the prior symptomes of dizziness, mumbling, etc seemingly thanks to the aspiron, but I still have seemingly neurological symptomes such as pretty evident short term memory loss.

Now I've been noticing in the last 5 months a constant pressure in my frontal lobe area usually when I am extremely focused on a topic, but what really bothered me is when I went to the records office last week and while she was aggrivatingly giving me information, which also caused me to be a bit aggitated internally, my head vibrated for about 2 seconds causing me to lose a bit of my visual focus. It felt like my head was a sheet of metal and someone had knocked it with a hammer.

Sorry for all this. I am just pretty sensitive to everything around me as I'm into art, acting, math, music, etc. Any ideas? Anything to worry about?

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  • I did some research and it sounds like what happened was a partial seizure dealing with the right side or frontal lobe area. I also read that symptomatic partial epilepsy (the most common) can begin in adulthood and is usually the result of a brain abnormality such as a tumor. I don't know how plausible that is in light of my other "head" symptoms, but yeah. Again, any ideas?
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