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Some really hard-to-explain episodes. Any help is very appreciated.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 10, 2010
  • 05:12 AM

Hello, I'm a 17 year old female. I'm Mexican, my apologies for my bad English. I've been experiencing some really weird "episodes" of something that I don't really know what it is since I was four or five years old; but that had been MUCH more frequent since I became 14.

They always happen when I'm alone in my room. Mostly when I'm on the computer or doing my homework.

Usually, at first, I have a very strong tingling sensation in the center of my chest, almost over where my heart is, and then I feel a very strong urge to get up and walk all over my room.

What worries me the most is the fact that I NEVER remember what happens after I get up. Everything becomes a blur and after a couple of seconds or minutes I end up in another place in my room.

My family has told me that during these episodes:
-I'm often jumping all over my room
-I end up babbling nonsense loudly (Not forming words, just random babble)
-My mom has seen me stretching and crawling a few times
-Usually they last between one to five minutes. But when someone talks to me or I "notice" someone is looking at me, I snap out of it instantly.

Other things that I've notice are:
-They always happen when I'm alone. When someone is in my room with me, the tingling and the urge to get up are still there, but I don't get up.
-When I have these "episodes", I feel time passes really fast. My longest "episode" lasted half an hour (I checked my clock) and to me it felt that it only lasted a couple of seconds.
-I don't remember my actions during these. Sometimes my mom or my brother come over to my room asking why I'm jumping or talking nonsense, but I have never remembered doing any of that. For me, an "episode" happens like this: First the tingling and the urge to get up, then I get up, then this blur-esque sensations happens, and then BAM! I'm suddenly in my sofa or bed and I don't what happened since I got up.
-Usually when an "episode" ends, I notice that I breathe at a very fast rate, and that my heart pounds very fast (though I don't feel very tired, and I'm not sweating). I don't know if this also occurs during the "episodes". Also, while the tingling is less noticeable than at the beginning, it's still there.
-When I was a kid, these ocurred very rarely. Since I was 10 or so, they increased in frecuency, and since I was 14 or so, they have started to happen nearly everyday.

I get stressed VERY easily, in case this is an important factor. In terms of health, I'm overweight. Also, the last time I got sick was because of a small cold in December. I'm currently not taking any medication.

Thank you for your time. Any help is very appreciated.

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