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Sharp periodic pains in the head... causing damage?

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  • Posted By: burgatory
  • February 22, 2008
  • 10:03 PM

Hi, I've been having trouble for a very long time with the way my head seems to collect blood or something it is up to neurologically - for no apparent reason, but having some correlation with what I'm thinking, I can get a sharp spike to the head that can either be localised, or part of a larger feeling of excessive pressure (like there's too much in the skull). Often it will correlate with a feeling of tension in some part of the body, ie. hands, chest, legs, etc. I can't be cetain but there might be 'crackling' sounds occasionally which I think might be the bones in my neck, jaw, ear or maybe even sinuses. I have a very bad neck - it's been under strain for years and neglected badly (ie, I've attempted at times to stretch it or move it riound in circles which hasn't felt very good...).

I also have a constant, dull headache, like tension or pressure around the forehead. It 'never' goes away, though occasionally when I get in a state where I'm releasing emotions it tends to feel a lot better.

Alot of the 'blunt force' experiences correlate with taking in a sudden breath - so I imagine I'm taking a panicked breath of oxygen and it's putting a spike of a oxygen into my blood. This really worries me for two reasons - (1) it causes dizziness and I worry sometimes it could almost knock me over, but this 'near knock-out' could be from exhaustion, too, as it seems less of a problem in the mornings. (2) I'm worried this is damaging the brain or weakening blood vessels...

Does this sound correct? Could a back/neck injury be causing the headache? Are the sharp pains and feelings of blunt force really breathing problems? Can damage be done to the brain this way? ie with breath? Can repressed memories cause these sorts of symptoms - ie. the attempts of material to surface from the unconscious? What's happening?


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  • Sorry that post was really vague! This is a post I made on another forum that is a lot clearer: I've been having a problem with my breathing for the longest time and I've just realised it's posture related, as well as psychologically pressured - that is, I take sharp breaths of shock or panic, usually so small and 'deepened' that I don't feel the breath itself. I have some unresolved psychological issues that are making panic surface throughout my day. What results directly afterwards is a sharp jolt to the head/brain of blood/oxygen that will cause a very strong "push" in the frontal lobs and occasionally around the parietal area or the base of the skull. It has actually occurred so often that iI feel it's my brain tensing or something. The tension in the head is quickly followed by tension in a corresponding part of the body. ie. chest, legs, arms, whevever. I'm dealing with the panic issue at the moment and it's progressing so it's not too much to worry about... I think this started occuring because I had a strong head pressure or headache from poor posture and kept thinking about it. My question is, can "sbock breathing" or excessive breathing like this that causes rushes of blood to the head do anything bad to the brain? Can you actually "force" blood to your brain? Is it possible to do damage to the brain with stress? Is it possible to do non-organic damage to the brain besides physical force? That is, can someone sit there and "think too much" or shock thsemlves into brain damage? Are the 'crackling' sounds I occasionally hear during this time likely sinuses or the neck? No lesions, brain tissue damage, cell damage can be caused by panic, rushes of blood to the head? Can a large amount of blood in the brain for long periods of time increase intra-cranial pressure? What does it mean if I get a lasting temperature when this occurs? Also, is a constant dull headache that doesn't seem localised but seems to be perhaps at the base of the skull (1) muscoskeletral related, and (2) no threat to the health of the brain? Sorry for all the questions - I'm a bit worried and interested in getting the story straight! Thanks! Daniel
    burgatory 4 Replies
    • February 24, 2008
    • 11:27 AM
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