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severe pain in neck

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 1, 2006
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I am looking for anyone who may have experienced the following symptoms. My aunt is suffering from severe neck pain and has been for over a year. It is more on her left side and runs into her head. She says she feels pain on the top of her head (scalp). She had been diagnosed with bone spurs, but was told by her doctor that they would not be causing the severe pain she is feeling. She also has osteoarthritis, but still doctors think that this is not cause for severity of pain. She says a muscle on the left side of her neck is very tense and only time it eases is when she is asleep. Sometimes pain runs into top of left shoulder. She had tried numerous treatments. She has had a steroid shot, acupuncture, pain management, and had been to a chiropractor. She has had an MRI and x-rays, but nothing shows up. A neurosurgeon told her that all he could recommend was to have fusion done on her neck, but told her he could not guarantee at all that it would eliminate the pain. She wears a neck brace that helps minimally, but really doesn't ease the pain. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who may have an idea as to what may be causing her severe pain and what things could be done for her.

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  • I am a sufferer of cervical spinal stinosis, C5 & C6 in the neck area. I am also suffering from fibromyalgia, both of which seem to be in your aunt's case. Has she seen a rheumatologist familiar with fibromyalgia? There are several "hot" spots when touched (the shoulder being one of them) that will cause an instant intense pain. Has she been checked for degenerative disc disease? I don't know if it would work for your aunt, but I constantly use an item called "Bed Buddy" that is microwavable. Once heated I wrap it around my neck and the heat will radiate up the neck and across the shoulders helping to ease some of the pain. Aleve is also a big help. Basically, if she has fibromyalgia, there is no cure and can sometimes go into remission but stress, heavy exercise, even weather conditions can exacerbate the condition. Hope I have been of some help to you. As I suffer from all that I have described above, if you would like to e-mail me, I am at Sassymom56@aol.com.
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  • Hiya : My Mum suffers from pain in her head and shoulder and it has been diagnosed as Neuralgia ( nerve pain). A painful condition by all accounts which stems from damaged nerves. Medication is available but has side effects.
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  • I understand your frustration. It took me 5 years to find out why I was having neck, arm and chest pain. I have Cervical Spondylosis and bone spurs along with fibromyalgia which I have had for 12 years. The two together are not good. I also tried the steriod injections, physical therapy with only temporary relief but the Dr. said the only real help is surgery but no guarantee of full relief, only partial and has many risks. He would not allow me to wear a neck collar. He says it weakens the neck muscles and you don't want to do that. My only relief is resting the neck. My physical therapist showed me how to sit with 2 pillows under both arms (resting on top of them) This takes the strain off the neck muscles of your arms pulling down of them. Use heat as well. I use a microwavable heat pack that can be found online at http://www.therapyplace.com/orthpr.html and other sites. It's called therabeads moist heat. I also provide support for my neck by using a small pillow behind my neck whenever I sit. My Dr. explained that these muscles are responding to the impinging nerves from the bone spurs and inflammation. As uncomfortable as it is, it is important to exercise those neck muscles gently each day to stretch them out. I have had pain from the head down to mid chest and arms, this is not uncommon for this disorder (bone spurs). There is alwasy mucles relaxers and pain meds too but I prefer a natural method and not being drugged. Best wishes for some relief.
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    • August 10, 2006
    • 06:16 PM
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