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Re: Strange Deja Vu, followed by nausea, dizziness and confusion

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 1, 2010
  • 01:23 PM

Hi everyone, :rolleyes: WoW, it so exhilarating reading about what most of us have experienced, all so similar. Myself recently being told it some form of an epileptic seizure. I have had a brain tumour now for almost 10 years after i had a stroke when i was 30 years old (didn't know at the time it was a stroke, even though half my face was limp & hanging)
That aside, i have been having what i also call *episodes*
I get the pre warning with the Deja Vu that pops right into my head/thoughts, it's usually a familiar place & or somewhere i really like. i get quick flash backs then most times i get faint black lines that pass across my vision, then my legs & arms become a little jelly weak & limp, so i have to sit down quick & then i am kind of 'gone', but always conscious, i hear people talking but i am unable to respond with speech, i usually can manage to put up one finger telling my husband i am OK, then approx 30 seconds pass & i am all ok, normal again...lol so to speak. These episode scare my hubby so much but i try to tell him i am ok.
I was living in the States when the episodes actually started happening for me. I first of all passed out 3 times in the one day, (never have B4 passed out), then about a month later passed out again, on this normal day i was feeling happy & great, i lent over to pick my baby up out of the crib, next thing i remember waking up on the floor so badly bruised from hitting my head and arms on the wall, lucky i must have dropped my little boy back down in his crib at the exact time i passed out without any warning & hubby came running up the stairs from his crying. Since then, now being 3 years ago, i have never again passed out but this is when it all stared from there. (sorry about the long story) but my Dr back here in Aust thought i may now have a halo or such around my tumour. I recently just had another MRI & my fantastic neurologist said that there is no halo shadow. Hmmm. But he has heard of this before & as soon as i mentioned the word (Deja Vu) he understood what i was talking about. Being a form of seizure and he does think i should be on anti seizure medication. I fill the script, but have decided NO, they're not for me. I would so much rather take herbal medicine if it helps. And this is where i read about taking the B12 & Gingko Biloba. and not having anymore *episodes* I am going to try it ASAP. I will return and put up how i have been going after i have been on it for a while. I usually have an episode at least once every 7-10 days, so this will be a good thing if i only have one every 2-3months.

I did read about the Gingko Biloba having side effects and one stating :

"in the event of seizures, ginkgo should be discontinued since it puts the patient at increased risk of more seizures"

Again, weighing up the good & the bad. I am still going to try it.

It's great to know i'm not the only one who goes through all this, not meaning it's a good thing, but when you start explaining that you have this deja vu thingy & try to say how you feel, sometime's people look at you rather oddly.

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