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ptosis (eye), sleepiness, what is it?

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  • Posted By: kentong
  • August 3, 2008
  • 00:09 PM

My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy about 3 years ago. The things happening now with her may or may not be related. Here are her symptoms:

Her major symptom is that she sleeps A LOT. Her new record is about 36 hours straight with very short awake periods for bathroom and food. She is always sleepy and always seems to need more. This is greatly affecting her ability to function in life. Sometimes her brain functions slow down and she has congnitive problems.
Her eyelids have gradually started drooping more and more (ptosis).
She has unexplained weight gain, with possibly water retention (puffy fingers and toes)
She also has hand tremors periodically.The doctors have ruled out hypothyroid via a blood test (my mother had thyroid problems). We are currently looking at myasthenia gravis, but the only symptom she has for that are the droopy eyelids and none of the associated muscle weakness normally seen. She is going in for an overnight sleep study in 2 weeks, but she doesn't have other symptoms associated with sleep apnea nor narcolepsy.

I feel like we aren't going in the right direction here. Nothing we are testing for now seems likely, since she only has one of the symptoms for that disease but not any others.

Anyone have any other ideas on what could link these together?

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  • How old is your daughter?
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  • My daughter is 17.
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  • I would be taking her to see a Neurologist. I don't understand why they haven't suggested this already. Ptosis could be a Cranial Nerve problem. Extract: "Ptosis may be caused by damage/trauma to the muscle which raises the eyelid, or damage to the nerve (3rd cranial nerve (oculomotor nerve)) which controls this muscle. Such damage could be a sign or symptom of an underlying disease such as diabetes mellitus, a brain tumor, and diseases which may cause weakness in muscles or nerve damage, such as myasthenia gravis." Good Luck
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  • Your probably right that they are probably going in the wrong direction. Actually, I take that back. The sleep study could be the exact right direction, could be the best route to take, however... Does she have periods of normal sleep, followed by periods of excessive sleep, like a cycle? Because if she is not always so sleepy, a sleep study done when she is in the normal sleep pattern part of the cycle would do absolutely no good. This kind of cycle is usually indicative (is that a word. maybe it indicates would make more sense) of kleine levin syndrome. Heres a link. www.kleinelevin.com/ That does not, however explain the rest of her symptoms. But I do have another theory, and some more questions. Is there family history of autoimmune diseases? Does she have fevers? Is your daughter sexually active? (sorry, I feel bad about asking this, but I figured if it will help diagnose her...) Did this all start after any sort of illness or injury (specifically a head injury)?
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  • The multiple symptom checker on this site http://symptoms.wrongdiagnosis.com can be very helpful. Here is a list of some of the causes of ptosis. http://symptoms.wrongdiagnosis.com/cosymptoms/ptosis-all.htm
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  • Who ordered the blood test, the pediatrician, or a specialist?
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