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Post Viral Meningitis

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  • Posted By: jimmyca69
  • September 26, 2008
  • 06:08 PM

Hi all first post for me

On Friday 12th Sept i was taken into hospital after waking with pins and needles all over my body which then developed into a very bad fever. At hospital the docs performed a chest x-ray, some heart monitor with electric pads? and head scan which all came back ok. They then performed a lumbar puncture and some blood tests.

Next day i was a lot better and they told me they had found traces of infection in my blood and eventually they also found white blood cells in the lumbar puncture. They kept me in for 6 days on a anti-viral drip and also anti-bacterial stuff as well. They said they had grown the CSF and that was ok, and that it was a form of viral meningitus and to go home and rest with painkillers. My blood was at safe levels and that my body would fight off the infection.

The last night before i left hospital i woke in night with a numb left arm and left hand side of face. It worried me as it reminded me of the symptoms prior to being brought in - this time though it wasnt all over my body and around an hour later it had passed and fell back asleep. I mentioned this to the doc before i left and he advised me that the nerves etc in my body had been through a lot and that i would get these feelings during recovery.

During my first night home (thurs 18th) i had the numbness with some pins and needles in my left arm (even though laying on right when i woke up) but it soon passed. I had another mild case of it the next night in my arm but from the Sat 20th Sept my sleep was uninterrupted. This was until Tues 23rd when it returned only in arm but nevertheless woke me up. On Wed - i slept again right through but last night i was woken again. This time the neck, arm and i could feel it slightly numb in my bottom left of face and a tingling in my legs. Unlike previous occasions it didnt just stop during the night - i only managed 3 hrs sleep and when i have tried to go back to sleep during today i immediately seem to get the tingling sensation around my neck and also my mouth. My tongue at one point even had it. This is worrying me as i dont like the idea of waking up with my mouth numb and struggling to breathe?

I am starting to get worried by these tingles - i know the doc said to expect this but the randomness is confusing me. At first i thought it was the way i was sleeping but as its always left hand side i go to sleep on my right hand side but still wake up with it.

Ive worried myself with both Guillain-Barré syndrome and Lyme's Disease but would assume the doctors would have picked up on these as well? i had no rash or bite marks.

I wondered if it could it be stress? After the infection i am on edge about symptoms returning especially the pins and needles which i found so worrying.

I went to my GP today - he did some tests (reflexes, grip, checked behind eyes etc) but couldnt really pick up on anything. He said it wouldnt be GBS as that starts in legs and makes it way up and mine was too random for that. The GP is contacting the hospital that i attended for me to have a follow up check as an out patient but he said that could take a week.

I dont look forward to going to sleep or even if im going to be able to, i know viral meningitis can have so many side effects i would just like confirmation that this is all it is to settle me down.

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  • Sorry to hear about your discomfort. Viral Meningitis does have some very strange after effects. I had it 10 years ago and did not even know it until I had seen my 3rd neurologist and by that time it was out of my system. Suffered for about 2 months because the previous doctors were mis diagnosing me with sinus infections and pneumonia.10 years later I am still dealing with the daily headaches and head pressure. I don't want to scare you but it does take a while (sometimes long while) to recover.Hang in there!
    twinky70 8 Replies
    • December 5, 2008
    • 00:07 AM
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  • my cousin's child got meningitis and I understand how people would feel if they got that disease. i am so glad to hear that she is getting better now. that's the reason why i became a healthcare professional too.-------------------------------------------pharmacy technician salary
    melisaliimpyo 1 Replies
    • August 27, 2013
    • 03:27 AM
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