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Please assess my situation, very worried.

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  • Posted By: veryworried
  • April 4, 2008
  • 11:36 PM


I'm 21, male, 250 pounds, 185cm with a broad frame, my body fat percentage is >30%, strong & healthy, taking no medication and have no allergies. This all began less than two weeks ago, today is Saturday morning where I am, and this happened the Tuesday afternoon before last. I'm going to tell the story with some detail so you can hopefully tell me what most likely happened here.

I was in my college gym which has two rowing machines. A fit student my size in my class rowing on the left machine told me to come on, once I got on and strapped my feet in, I realised a student in our class using it before me had left the handle bar up. I made a statement about this which the person rowing next to me heard, and he said "just reach", and as I was reaching forward, without saying anything he gave me a sudden hard push on my back while he was rowing, and I felt about two crackles (like when joints crackle) to the left of my lower back. At the time I didn't feel pain, but I was concerned because I've never felt a crackle in that area. Anyway, after reaching to the right side I managed to grab the handle bar and row for a couple of seconds before getting off to check for pain.

When I squatted up and down, I didn't really feel any pain. Later when I got home that day and lied down on my bed, I’m sure I felt a stretch in my lower back but that was it. I did some research and found out that there is only one joint in the area that I felt the crackle, and that was the left sacroiliac joint, but the crackle I felt may have been more to the left than that. I asked some other people and they said it could have just been muscles tearing or ligaments snapping or passing over each other. Anyway, I did some lower back stretches that day and didn't really notice anything on Wednesday, or on Thursday despite doing an exercises class on Thursday, on Friday afternoon I did some stretches to check for pain, but this time I ran my hands down my legs from side to side, hyper extended my back, and jumped up and down. I didn't really feel any real pain when doing these stretches, but may have felt pain on the left side of my lower back when stretching from side to side and jumping up and down.

The next day when I got up on Saturday, the pain was noticeable in my lower back on sacrum area. I began getting worried, and on Sunday afternoon I was really worried when I felt some radiating going down the outer part of my right thigh. I did some research and found out this is a symptom of sciatica. The next day on Monday morning, I was still worried and went to a doctor who told me to wait it off a couple of weeks, then when I was at college later that morning I felt the need to urinate, and ever since I've felt the need to urinate often. The pain in my sacrum area is more prominent in the left area and sometimes I feel a tingling there, but now the pain seems to have died down in that area, but the rest of the back seems back to normal with no more numbness or shooting sensations in my legs.

This frequent need to pass urine gets me up at night and gets me going to the toilet frequently during the day, but when I go, little if anything comes out, before when I needed to go, I really needed to go, and it would fire out. Stressed out about this whole thing and feeling some numbness in my left leg on Monday afternoon, I went to another doctor who referred me to an orthopedic surgeon and gave me a referral for a CT scan, I told him this happened about two months ago in fear he would shrug me off, and that I wanted an MRI instead of a CT which is why he referred me to the surgeon. I read about how an MRI is more thorough than a CT with no radiation and will also show nerves.

When I went to the orthopedic surgeon he gave me a referral for an MRI on my lumbar and sacrum, but only because I really mentioned it and that the doctor could only offer me a CT scan which is why he sent me to him. When he asked me how long ago this all happened I said a couple of weeks in fear he would send me packing like the first doctor, the previous GP did a quick response test and said something on paper about my reflexes being weaker on one side than the other. When the orthopedic surgeon did the same kind of test he said my reflexes were alright, but the flexibility in my legs wasn't that good but that’s mostly likely because of muscle tension.

I've had less interest in sex but this should hopefully be because I'm worried, and yesterday I noticed I had a harder time getting erections and they were weak during orgasm. This could be because of anxiety but I can't be sure. The urination problem just seems too prominent to be because of stress, it just won't go away! I also feel a mild sensation toward the tip of my penis. At the moment in terms of back pain, I feel a mild sensation in my left sacrum area. I also feel a tight sore spot in the upper right of my back, but I'm sure that’s a stress area, because I've felt it there before when I sit down at the computer for too long. When I did some research about the five sacrum nerves I got scared to see that they're responsible for both bowel control and sexual function. I also read in a forum about some guy who got kneed in that area very hard and a year and a half later he's getting the same urinary symptoms as me.

I just don't want permanent damage, which is my main worry, I haven't even begun to do the things I want to do in life, if this take a couple of weeks or a couple of months to go away then I'm ok with that. Could this frequent need to urinate for almost the past week and reduced sexual function be because of anxiety? If I didn't feel prominent pain at the time or soon after the accident happened, is that a sign that there was no nerve damage? I guess I shouldn't ask too many questions and leave it up to you to tell me what’s happened, I just hate this has happened because of someone else's senseless action. I’m going to book in for the MRI on Monday, but that my take a couple of weeks, and that should show if everything is ok with my nerves for my bowel and sexual functioning right?

Thank you.

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