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PD, MSA, MS, BFS or just goin NUTS!?

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  • Posted By: mantaray
  • May 21, 2009
  • 05:16 AM

Hello All.

First Off I would like to thank anyone who is willing to read through my entry and also anyone that may be able to provide an answer.

As of lately I have been experiencing the following symptoms. So here goes, from Head to Toe and when it all started.

- I have began having headaches, exclusively on the right side of my head usually beginning in the Parietal area and then radiating to the Occipital and then to the back of my Right Eye. I had this symptom begin when I was 14 or so.

- twitching on the tip of my tongue, this began about 6 month ago and on mostly the Left Tip of my tongue and now involves the Right Tip and near the back of the Tongue. This also happens many times in the day and most days.

- Odd tremor on my lower jaw. This has started only since 3 month or so.

- Muscle twitches on my face. Mostly eye lids and lower lip.

- Intermittent Chest Pain. This first started about 5 years ago. I had visited a clinic when it first happened and was told there was nothing to worry about. There is no incident of Bradycardia, Tachcycardia or any other cardiac event to explain the pain.

- Muscle twitching in arms, Left arm seems to weaker then the right, this mostly started in the past 4 month.

- Odd stiffness in the wrists. The best explanation is like experiencing Riggormortis of the wrists the sensation seems worse on the right side and has began around 2 months ago.

- twitches on the right side of my body. This began about 2 months ago.

- Muscle twitches in my abdominal muscles. This began about 2 month ago.

- Muscle twitches in my legs, I have had this a lot including severe cramps since I was about 12 years old. Mostly it occured once a month or so, now it happens almost every day and most of the time. The every day thing started about 4 months ago. Now just in the past 2 month or so I have had problems with the co-ordination with my Left leg mostly.

- I have also have had moments of Akanesia and BradyKanesia. There have been times that I walk and later realize that I am not moving even though that I know I should be (OH boy! this is a weird feeling!) This has been happening since about 3 months ago.

I have seen a Neurologist about this of course. He has since diagnosed me with BFS, He claims that the full right body twitch is due to stress and reffered me to a Physo Therapist. The Therapist assessed me for all of 5 minuites and told me that I likely have Parkinson's. I have had a Head CT and a Brain MRI done, was told by the Neurologist that it was normal. even though that I have noted my self a cyst in my left sinus cavity, Atrophy in my Parietal lobes and possible demylenation of the spinal cord. Also Noted was degeneration of C-3, C-4, C-7 and T-3. I have been taking B-12 supliments since this discovery, however I do already consume plenty of Dairy products (Milk, Cheese, yogart).

I have been given Baclofen (for the muscle twitches) and Desipramine for the Depression that this is causing me (otherwise I'd have to put more ice cream in my home-made Prozac!) these have been perscribed by my GP. Since been told by the Therapist and a health-link nurse that I may have PD, I have since stopped use of the Baclofen and the condition has improved quite a bit since then.

I have had already considred the usual suspects, MS, Lymes Disease, ALS MSA and of course BFS (I think its all BS really). I keep going back to Parkinson's and have been since 3 months ago or so. I have since read some papers that link Desipramine and PD and still see a link here to PD. It has greatly improved since using it, however still have the occasional reminder of what I have been trying to get rid of.

So, what do you think?
Thanks everyone!

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