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pain for two years

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  • Posted By: hairball
  • October 26, 2006
  • 00:01 PM

Hi there,

I am new to this forum and looking to get some help. My neck pain started around two years ago soon after I ran a marathon. It has mostly been on the right side with some hand numbness. I am a secretary so what I do all day probably isn't helping. Anyway, I went to a neuro when this all started and he performed an EMG which showed a C6 radiculopathy but the MRI didn't show anything. I have to numerous doctors ever since and I am finally going to Boston. I also suffer from migraines. Over the past few months I have noticed neck pain on the left side and a constant burning, tingling and weakness in my pinky and ring finger on the right side as well as thumb pain on my left side. I have done a ton of research. It sounds like ulnar nerve entrapment but would that cause neck pain first? Thoracic outlet syndrome? I have had two MRI's of my cervical spine and they did not show anything. I am in agony. I am exhausted from the pain. I am in agony at work. I'm getting depressed. Anyone have any ideas? I go to hospital in Boston for another EMG Tuesday.

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  • i too have had the exact same problems for two years also.does ot also hurt to lean your head back or pain in shoulder blades and wrist.my docs dont know what it is etheir
    zillapower500 3 Replies
    • January 10, 2007
    • 11:01 PM
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  • i am very sorry to hear of your trouble.i know the pain can be horrible.my similar problem has been improving for thirty years!the improvement started when i stopped taking advice to "rest it",and i started ,at first against terrible pain,to re mobilise it.i gained full mobility after about a decade.the rest of the time it has been the slow fight against pain ,which i have won about95%.two other observations:1.neck rotation has since been shown to have stroke risk,due to damage to the vertebral arteries.i have been lucky; in any case i might as well have been dead ,so given the choice now i would still decide to go ahead.take advice,but be aware that the same risk attends any osteopathic intervention.so dont ask an osteopath.be especially careful about rocking your head backwards,as this seems to be the most risky movement.incidentally in england women do not tilt their heads back at the hairdressers any more,for this reason.is it the same in america?it was the observation that stroke followed a visit to the hairdresser in a statistically significant way which alerted attention to the problem.2.the precise distribution of odd nerve symptoms is not necessarily informative.it is a very lonely business.the basic problem is that the neck is a very complicated set of joints.it is usually difficult to know what to do for the best.so,we have to bear the added frustration of indecisive advice.thats all i know ,but it is genuine knowledge bought at hard cost .i hope you have an easier time of it.good luck and ,if you can let me know how you get on.all my best wishes.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 11, 2007
    • 00:13 AM
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  • On getting another EMG it was shown that I have an ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow. This is causing the pain and numbness in my hand and pinky and ring fingers. My doctor said he can't say for sure that this would cause the neck pain, however I have done extensive research and read that people that have an ulnar nerve entrapment can experience neck and shoulder pain. This would make sense as everything I've tried for the neck, i.e. physical therapy, injections, massage, acupuncture, heat, ice etc. hasn't worked. My thought is that it is constantly being irritated by the nerve in the elbow and that is why it won't respond to anything. Just my thoughts, I could be wrong. I guess people experience symptoms differently. I go back to the doctor Tuesday to talk about possible surgery. I hope if I have the surgery that it clears up the neck too. I am interested to hear from anyone who has had ulnar nerve entrapment with neck/shoulder pain.
    hairball 1 Replies
    • January 11, 2007
    • 01:24 PM
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