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on the verge of a "nerve"us breakdown

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  • Posted By: pocket_venus
  • September 7, 2007
  • 10:34 AM

please can anyone help. my nerve pain somtimes feels like it is controling my every thought and move. my symptoms include:

nerve pain-
-anywhere on my skin
-under my finger and toe nails
-in my navel
-my clitoris
-on my scalp
-bottom of my feet
-palms of my hands
-butt cheeks
-behind my knee
-on my flank
-everywhere else!

the types of pain include:

-singing like a bee or wasp
-stinging like being poked with a needle
-stinging like being injected with lidocaine
-something skinning me alive
-dull throbbing
-motion induced pain
-itching that won't stop where there is nothing
-"pins & needles" for hours on end
-loss of feeling
-burning like fire
-burning like a sunburn
-always sweating and feeling feverish
-dropping or flinging objects

i'm 25, female, and losing my mind. these pains can be instant with no warning and can either just hit once or last for hours on end. i also have a kidney disease, and have had vision blackouts where the world momentarily goes black for a moment or sometimes 6 seconds. please please help me. i absolutely don't know how much longer i can take of this...i can't work or do even the most basic of things. i just want my life back....i was a very active ballet dancer and coached gymnastics full time who is now trapped in bed from the fatigue of these pains that no one can seem to solve....or take interest in because it is not life and death.....but too much more of this and it will be.


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  • Just wanted to say that I am sorry for your pain .I have Fibromyalgia and MS and what your describing is what I live with too .I was sick a long time before I got diagnosis , and Dr.'s will make out that you are depressed and that is what is causing your symptoms, but that is not true!!!Even if your test all come back normal ,that does not mean you are not sick.You are feeling pain ,and that is a signal from your body that something is wrong.Also there is many illnesses that don't show up on the test they use.You can still be very sick .I don't know if this has been your experience , but it has been mine. They {Dr.'s} did this to me at the beginning of my illness (actually I still get this from ER Dr.'s :mad: ) ,and 5 years later I am now in a wheel chair some times.I have 5 young children , but despite my obstacles I have remained homeschooling and doing as much as I can .It has put a halt on future children I wanted to be blessed with , because I don't want to put a child with what my children have had to go through .It is ******n children to see mom hurt:( ,but I try not to let them know:rolleyes: Anyway , you are not alone .I know that the future looks scary.Praying God will give you healing, though I know sometimes that don't happen( I am not preaching the health and wealth gospel:) )
    Tabaitha Brown 31 Replies
    • September 15, 2007
    • 08:27 AM
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  • thank you for understanding. my mom has both m.s. and fibro, she got her m.s. diagnosis shortly after i was born. the whole "new mothers disease" as it was often called 25 years ago. she has been very lucky, and aside from flare ups does very well and is still mobile. my friend who is my age and also just had here frist child also got diagnosed with m.s. i know how hard it is growing up with a sick mom. maybe it would be different with two parents but sometimes it was really hard. i don't ever want to be that and it is almost a sure thing that my kids will ahve auto immune diseases of one form or another. i also don't feel like i could do that to them either even though i want kids more than anything. i am trying to get into ucsf but with only medical it may be nearly impossible but i ahve to try and get to a better neurologist who doesn't just try to pass me on to mental health. hope you are well and you are in my thoughs and prayers. lace*
    pocket_venus 7 Replies
    • September 18, 2007
    • 04:53 AM
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  • Thank you for your reply , and for your thoughts and prayers.That blessed me.I hope you do find a better Neurologist.It seems that specialist are more likely to treat pain.I also wanted to say that I hope I didn't discourage you in your future plans of children.I believe God gives the strength we need , if He is asking you to trust Him in that area.I have other things going on also in my life that has halted that dream.If it was just MS , then I might could do it .Any way I can enjoy the 5 I have , and to God be the glory!!:)
    Tabaitha Brown 31 Replies
    • September 18, 2007
    • 07:31 AM
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