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Numbness and tingling all over

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  • Posted By: ang4short
  • December 4, 2006
  • 05:20 AM

About 2 months ago I began having a numbing feeling at the base of my neck and it would radiate over my entire head briefly. These feeling were odd and became more frequent. Soon my symptoms included head numbness, numbness in my shoulders, arms and hands. I even began experiencing numbness all over. I seem to have more numbness when I'm laying down. Very similar to RLS however feeling that way all over my body. I don't know if I would say numbness or pins and needles?? Very annoying! My PCP ordered blood work and a Cervical MRI. I was then referred to a neurologist. I have had a brain MRI to rule out MS and a brain wave scan EEP- I think is what it was called. Nothing. My cervical MRI showed nothing abnormal as well. I went to a chiropractor who took several xrays. His diagnonis was that my first vertibra were misaligned. He adjusted me 4 times and I felt 98% better and only had numbness in my hands. Then after my 4th adjustment he adjusted my 2nd vertibra, within hours my numbness came back. He adjusted me 2 more times and nothing, I'm back to feeling the same way again. He says that my 1st vertibra will not stay aligned due to stress. I don't feel like I'm stresses. I went to an ortopedic surgeon friday who viewed my MRI's and took more xrays. His diagnonis-nothing, my spine incl my cervical looks fine go back to the neurologist. GRRR I'm getting so frustrated. I wake up every day numb. I have extreme difficulty falling asleep as my numbness becomes worse while sitting in bed and then trying to lay down to sleep. I can not get comfortable. My PCP prescribed flexeril for me, but it doesn't seem to help. I plan to call my neurologist again tomorrow but he is also stumped. He is my 2nd opinion as a neurologist. Shall I get a 3rd one involved? I find it odd that I got relief from the chiropractor but all the other dr's claim nothing is wrong with my spine. I have been reading for weeks anything and everything I can find on the net. I feel as if I going crazy and don't know where else to turn.

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  • Well I don't really know if I am on the same page as you or not, but my manager has had a problem with numbness also. Her whole left side is always numb. She had so many different mri's done, and then she had one down her spine, which is where I think you said you had it done. Well her spine looked like it was closing. I am not sure of the name the doctors said it was, but they had done an emg? on her and found out that her numbness wasn't from the spine closing. It is possibly due to her left shoulder being to tight and she has to go to physical therepy every week. They hope that the therepy will help the shoulder muscle become less inflamed and hopfully get her numbness to go away, at least in the arm and face. The numbness in her leg is from two herniated discs at the bottom of her spine. They said that she will need surgery for that eventually. She had already a herniated disc a few years ago that has already webt back to how it was before her last surgery. She cannot go to a chiropractor because of her past surgery, she is however on anti-inflammitory meds and like I said the physical therepy. I hope that you feel better soon. I hope too that you continue to go to your chiropractor, they just might be the thing to help you out, for now. Good luck.
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    • December 4, 2006
    • 11:18 PM
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  • My father is going through the same thing that you are, He has been in the hospital for over a week now with numbness from the top of his head, his cheeks, arms, hands, stomach, and from the knees up completely numb. He lost control of his bowel movements and started having trouble breathing so they had to put a respirator in him which is now out and his breathing is a little better. The doctors diagnosed him with Guillan Barre Syndrome, but only because they couldn't figure out what else it could be. It did start out as neck pain so he had 10 epideral shots and his neck was fine again until about a month later this all started happening. MRI's of the head, neck and back are coming back fine, so the doctors started treatment an IVIG drip to cure Guillan Barre- 5 days ago and My Dad is still numb.....The doctors dont know if he does in fact have this syndrome but they cant figure out what else is wrong....If your doctor figures out how to fix your numbness, please let me know as i am highly worried about my dad gettting feeling back :)
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