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My wife needs help

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  • Posted By: frankoman77
  • April 6, 2008
  • 03:37 AM

Hello, I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping someone could shed a little light on what is going on with my wife.

She has these strange blackout periods where she literally just stares off into space in a sort of daze. I can be right in front of her yelling her name to her and she won't budge. This can usually last anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or even longer.

When she finally comes out of it, she has no recollection of what happened. She says it's like she loses sense of time. She had an episode tonight while she was watching TV. I was in the kitchen cleaning and I looked out at her and she was just staring at the ground. She finally came out of it after I shook her a few times. She said she must of been out for a while because she said she was watching a show and then it was just over and the next show was on instantly to her.

We went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago because she has been having very bad migraines lately and she has some depression issues as well. The doctor prescribed topomax for her migraines and cymbolta for her anxiety and depression. The cymbolta was making her sick so they switched her to lexapro and that is a little better. At the time I didn't know about these episodes she had been having. She just told me that she loses sense of time and that is all we told the doctor. It wasn't until I actually saw an episode recently this week did I realize that it seems to be much more serious.

I'm very concerned and we are going back to the doctor in a few days to better explain her episodes. Hopefully they will take this seriously and diagnose her properly.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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  • Well apparently the doctor thinks that she is experiencing some type of seizure. We are going to have an MRI and an EEG tomorrow to see what's going on in her head. Hopefully this gets figured out soon.
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  • Hi there, im sorry i cant help u but what i would suggest u do is to keep a record of these turns ur wife is having.......date, time & length of time of each bout.....if ur not about to witness each event ask ur wife to keep an account also even if she doesnt know how long it lasts. Doing this u will be able to show the doctors how badly this is effecting her. I hope u get to the bottom of this & that ur wife improves soon ! Good luck to u both :)
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  • its sounds like shes having a type of siezure my mother has epilepsy and been having then types of siezures since she was a kid, she rely should go to a sizure specialist my mother back in jan was on dilantin and topamax she felt the topamax was causing problems with her so the dr was talking her off it and in doing so it caused her to have grand mal siziures then she went into a coma for 14 days she did come out of it but theres a long recover and if the dr did one simple test the eeg b-4 he took her off the meds it would of never happen so my advice is go find a good nurooligist and have a eeg done
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  • it sounds like ur wife maybe be having petit mal type seizures.have they tried her on keppra?:) keppra helps with the pain of migraines also and pressure type feelings in head.
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  • Frankoman77 Have same thing you wife has. Combination of the migraines, auras, and seizures. If not stroke related, nothing will show up on brain. It is a catch 22 situation. All of my tests show no damage but I do have cognitive and memory damage as time has gone on. Just had another bad one two months ago. No memory of it. Took trip to hospital. Had one like your wife, they had to pry my hands from kitchen cabinet, then in hospital went into full seizure, then into coma. Had my husband call family in. I came around several hours later. My hubby never stopped talking to me or calling me to come back from where ever I was. And trust me there was no memory except total blackness. No dream state. Good luck on the tests. It is a mixed blessing. You really don't want them to find tumors and such that could grow and kill. But yet I wish they could fix a switch and fix it. Mind started in 2000. :(
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