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  • August 27, 2007
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It's me again. I posted some tremor problems my 31 yr old husband was having, and now things have progressed.

He had no tremors for about 2 months, then he had an episode for about 30 minutes one night. That progressed into numbness in his shoulders, that moved up the back of his head, across the top, and down across his face. He said it was the same sensation one might get when getting numbed for dental work. This lasted for a couple of hours.

Along with that, he had vertigo. With medication (antivert) the vertigo subsided after about 4-5 days.

When he returned to work, after standing for a few hours, both of his legs went numb from mid-thigh down (and he said he "zoned out" while talking to a co-worker.) He couldn't feel his legs or move them. This lasted about 8 hours. When he was able to stand again, his legs and feet tingled, and now it's localized to just his feet. Also, his knees and ankles feel like the joints are grinding together, and his toe joints hurt, as well. Now he can walk for about 2 hours before they all start hurting. (Not his hips, just his knees, ankles and toes.)

He still has moments of dizziness. Also, his joints pop now, all the time, in his arms, as well as legs. He also seems to always be hot and wants the AC set very low. He's always been hot-natured, and with us living in the south where the temps have been in the high 90'sF lately, I don't know if his heat sensitivity is due to the recent weather, or what. (He's from the north, where it gets as cold as -60.)

He has had a multitude of tests run, all with "normal" results.

MRI, brain, with and without contrast
Nerve conduction
MRI spine, without contrast (And another with contrast, which we haven't gotten the results from yet.)
Actually, they took 10 vials of blood for tests, and said all looked normal, but we cannot get any of the doctors to tell us EXACTLY what was done, and why. And that is EXTREMELY frustrating.

His job calls for him to be on his feet, and very active, but he's more or less confined to a scooter type thing, which has him frustrated and feeling less than adequate.

He's started taking B-Complex vitamins in the liquid form. He looks better, and just....seems better, more alert, less tired, laughing more. I've noticed his eyes seem to be a little dark and glassy from time to time, and the same troubles with his legs and dizziness are still there.

I know we need to get definite answers in regards to the tests run, but does this sound familiar to anyone? Is there something the doctors are overlooking? Does it sound like the beginnings of MS? Is it even a neurological problem? Should we look into another specialist?


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  • Tonight his legs were cold to the touch, which is not normal for him. And he said his shins were itching on the inside, both of them. And both of his legs are in pain. He said they're "killing" him, they hurt so bad. He's able to walk, just very slowly and stiffly.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • August 28, 2007
    • 01:15 AM
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  • I want to say Im sorry for what your husband is experiencing.MS is a clinical diagnosis , meaning it is a diagnosis of exclusion , and symptoms .Not every one with MS will show on an MRI. The only other test they use is evoked potential Test , and lumbar puncture ( spinal tap ) .These also don't always show positive 100% on all MS patients .Before the MRI's where popular in the 1980's MS was a clinical diagnosis.Now there are NEurologist who depend completly on MRI results. If you go on the web and research it , you will see that not every one will show on an mri.I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2002 , and now I am in a wheel chair most of the time.My test say normal too.But yet my legs, hands , feet ,arms , face all go numb.I also have the tremors really bad .H eought to take a strong muscle relaxer if he doesn't already.About his shins itching , was he on pain medicine at the time ? I noticed you said he was in alot of pain , and I live in alot of pain too, and when I take Vicodin for pain it makes my shins itch.You should see a neurologist if your not already.Don't let the normal test discourage you .Your husband is in pain , and that is the body's way of saying some thing is wrong.There testing is primitive and I think Naturopaths have better testing :rolleyes: .I hope your husband and you can find a good Dr. who reaaly can help to at least keep your husband comfortable.
    Tabaitha Brown 31 Replies
    • September 16, 2007
    • 10:27 AM
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