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Migraine, Adhd, epilepsy or hypocondria?

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  • Posted By: alicecold
  • August 28, 2010
  • 09:33 AM

Ok lets make it simple.

Since I was eight years old I got this symptoms:
Regulary, one sided headaches (it is triggered if I'm hungry for too long)
photosensitivity, sensitivity for taste and sounds while having the headache

Sounds like migraine without aura, dosen't it?

later, when I was 17, I suddenly got these symptoms
(together, regulary)
Nimbness in muscles (one side)
Pain i muscles (one side)
zigzag pattern before my eyes
feelings of fainting
blurry vision
First time I had this, I began I cry suddenly

Is can be together with a migraine-like headache, and it might not.

And now, when I am 19 years old, additional symptoms begun:
flashes (which dosen't exist in reallity, I've askes my boyfriend during these)
Dubble vision, mostly for a few seconds, but last time is continued for serveral minutes. it disappears if I hold my hand before any of the eyes

also, I don't know when this started but...
When I feel stressed or sleepy I got a strange kind of deja vu: as if I am trying to remember a dream or something, and it can be triggered by almost anything. And I know that something really bad is going to happen next, but I don't know how to stop it. as the bad thing dosen't occur, the room around me feels more and more unreal. And I feel really, really scared, I cannot see the room as real, none of the people is real.
Last time it happened, I was watching a video: and when it had lapsed long enough I could not regognize the people in the video, even though I've seen many videos with them. I tried to hug my boyfriend, told him how afraid I felt and everything is unreal: is answare was: You know that it isn't. Stop thinkin' about it.

...But I did not know if it was real or not...

Afterwards, I feel sad, have a light headache or I got hungry.

Here is the thing:
My mother, her both parents, and her brother have migraine
My father and my step sister have absence epilepsy
I do not have a diagnosis with either, but probably ADHD or ADD
(Probably a hypocondriac)

Any thoughts?

And sorry for my bad english :)

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  • ok hi well i have had eprlipsy since i was 13 and im sure you dont have it i found out by just haveing a random one in a mall and my specilist still thinks im a random case. but i have a friend that gets head achs like you but he devolped sizures when he was younge and i only know of people that get where sever sizure that get headachs so if you hadnt had a fit you are lucky and im sure you will not have one because if you keep stressing then you can casue a random panic attack thats can look like a sizure which i have had plenty of so if you are really stressed go to your doctor get tested and if they find nother dont worry.!!!!good luck
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • September 9, 2010
    • 03:42 AM
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