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Memory Loss Problem

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  • Posted By: Rayof86
  • February 19, 2009
  • 07:17 PM

Hi guys, I have recently become more interested in something that has bothered me for quite some time now. I noticed back in high school that I had terrible memory compared to everyone else. The other people seemed to retain and recall information that was given to them much easier than I ever could, which is why I think I struggled so much in school. When I was younger I just convinced myself I simply wasn't as smart as the rest of the kids and really wasn't mature enough to think there could be a serious problem behind it. One problem I remember that really bothered me was having to ask the school secretary for my locker combo quite often and usually after a weekend where I had a couple days of not being at school and using the combo. This also happened with a number I had to remember to eat lunch, everyone else seemed to remember theirs just fine but I would randomly forget mine all together, I remember I just eventually quit eating lunch because I couldn't stomach asking for this number over and over because the school employees would do their best to humiliate me about having to ask so often. I also noticed numbers seem to elude me the most, math was my worst subject I think mainly because of this.

Throughout life people have had to repeat things to me, like a simple task a parent might give me IE: take out the trash, cut the lawn, wash dishes. When I am given a list of things to do I will almost most defiantly have to go back and ask what it was I needed to do and because of this I am infamous in my family for "not listening the first time". Which is not the truth because I do in fact listen, and not only do I listen I analyze what people are saying in my head over and over and over so I DO remember what they are telling me but the majority of the time it still escapes me somehow.

That is just a couple areas I have noticed the memory problems in life, it also happens when reading a book, I will read 3-4 pages and forget entirely what I have just read. I have only read about 2 books in their entirety in my life due to this. It just becomes far to frustrating to get through a book.

Later on in life I got a job, a very low stress job at Xerox doing data entry. I remember more than a few occasions of supervisors instructing me to do something and by the time I was back to my cubicle I had gone completely blank and would be forced to have them explain the entire process over which can become frustrating as the supervisor is busy and doesn't have time to keep explaining a simple process to me.

Anyways, these are just a few areas where this has become a problem in my life, but the list goes on and on trust me. I have never brought this up to a doctor because I figure he will tell me that repetition is the key, which I understand but I am honestly to the point where I think I have a physical problem with my brain specifically my hippocampus, or some sort of mental disability. I just dont know and at times it makes me feel like im going insane because I should easly be able to retain info that is given to me.

Some important info about me, I am 23 years old, I am fairly certain I dont have ADD as I have no problem focusing on things and I rarely catch myself daydreaming while I am supposed to be listening. I was diagnosed with GAD about 4-5 years ago and Iv been on a few different SSRI's through the years, although I dont think the meds have anything to do with it because this has been happening well before the medication. I am also hypoglycemic.

Now with that being said im sure this problem could easly be caused by anxiety, depression, or the hypoglycemia itself. I know hypoglycemia causes very intense mind fog or memory loss at times but that really only happens during my "low's" and within a day or so my mind atleast feels clear. So I am curious does just being hypoglycemic cause memory loss at all times? Or only during the "low's"? When my glucose levels are low Its next to impossible to think or retain/recall any info but this only happens during these times, and my sugar only gets out of wack about once or twice every 3-4 months.

I appologize for the wall of text, but I hope someone takes the time to read this and maybe relate to it and offer some bit of advice, or identify what is happening to me. I have given up on lots of things in life that I have a passion for because of this. I stick to what I know as learning a new skill is almost impossible for me.

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