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Loss of feeling and complete weakness

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  • Posted By: Dana77535
  • October 31, 2006
  • 06:12 PM

I have so many things going on at one time that it is hard for me to seperate the symptoms. So I will list them and put how long if I can remember. Any help in what one thing or two things that could this be would be much appreciated. thanx

1. Have episodes where I get like paralysed from waist down. Sometimes one leg,...sometimes both legs. The episodes last anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. No feeling or strength at all when this happens. Also when it happens sometimes get a tingling sensation in back of head and get a bit disorentate (sorry can't remember how to spell that) (has occurred since I was 12 until present age of 34)

2. Loss of memory,...can't remember things I am to do
Get in car and can't remember where I am going
Lock house door and have to keep coming back
to door to see if it is locked.
Forget simplest things
Forget how to walk
(loss of memory for about 2 years)

3. Have lymph node glands that swell throughout my body (neck,armpit,groin) ( have a sister that had Hodgkin's Disease) Also during test doctor told surgeon when I was almost out of it that she suspected that I had a rare form of lymphoma. But never told me or sent me anywhere to find out. (started having swollen glands about 14 years ago)

4. Unable to work for past couple of years due to so much pain and heaviness in legs. (2 Years )

5. Catch pneaumonia at the drop of a hat (have had it 9 times or so since age of 15)

6. Lungs are in poor shape (worse in past 11 years)

7. Pain in arms and legs even when I am resting (about 2 years) ( have trouble walking have to use cane sometimes)

8. spontaneous muscle spasms in legs when at rest (about 1 year)

9. Wake myself up by whole body jerkings in bed (about 2 years)

10. Shivering alot and even when I am covered up ( about 2 years)

11. Hands draw up ,....sometimes wake up with them drawn up (about 3 years)

I would like to add that I have a sister who has MS and MD. And another sister that has MS. I also would like to add that rheumatoid arthritis has inflicted my father,3 aunts,sister,grandmother. Diabetes also runs in my family,...mother,sister,niece,grandmother. Strokes- mother,sister. Heart problems- mother,sister. Hodgkin's disease-sister,uncle. The reason I added all of this is because it would be hard to go by my family history as so many cancers and diseases have inflicted my family.
Also I would like to add that the loss of memory is driving me crazy. I was an honor student in school,...and was in advanced classes. I feel so stupid now. I get so angry with myself because of the loss of memory.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Hello! Wow... some of that sounded so familiar! Not all though... so there may not be a connection but here's what I've been going through. Since '99 I've been having fatigue problems. In 2003 started having really bad concentration and more fatigue. In 2004 I cut out dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar and felt like a new person. Full of energy and life was good again. Then fall of 2004 went off food restrictions and had some really stressful events and in 2005 to 2006 things got progressively worse. Depression, fatigue, shortness of breath, almost total loss of concentration, anxiety, high blood pressure and fast heart rate, almost complete inability to handle stress. This summer I had had about all I could take when the memory loss started. Not only did I forget things I would totally forget the conversation ever happened. I left groceries (and ice) in the car a few times, just weird stuff like that... so not like me and it was very disturbing. I also developed a numbness in my left thigh about that same time and started having really back back pain after 4-wheeling in the mountains this summer. Had myself tested for cushings, also had thyroid tests, hormone test... all the endocrine stuff. After that was all eliminated because there was nothing abnormal my endo started me on metformin for possible PCOS and I'm also taking diuretic and blood pressure med for my bp a few months prior. That month I started getting this really extreme muscle weakness and it's just getting worse along with back pain and the numbness in my leg. I got off the metformin and my muscle weakness and pain just got worse. I checked myself into the sleep clinic and found out I had moderate/severe sleep apnea. I've been on cpap for 1 month and feel soooo much better and the memory loss is almost entirely gone. I'm being treated for a possible bulging disc in my back that's likely pinching a nerve(s) and that's what's causing the numbness in my leg. I've had deep tissue massage 2 times now and have 3 chiropractic appt.s and I have just gotten a portion of the feeling back now.. yeah! My back pain is subsiding but I still have the severe muscle weakness/pain (during activity) and shortness of breath so I'm going to the dr. on Thursday and asking for a stress test. (prolonged sleep apnea can affect your heart). If that turns up normal then I'm going back to my endo and asking him to retest me for Cushings. If that fails... I'm heading back to my expensive - not covered by insurance - Naturopathic dr. As I said... not all is the same, however, if the drs. had actually told me more about the affects of sleep and oxygen depravation rather than just asking me if I'd had a sleep study I would have went a long time ago. (my noticeable symptoms were snoring, and waking up gasping for air - I also had periodic insomia and I was tired ALL the time). The reasoning as I understand it is that your body needs restorative sleep (stages 3 & 4) to repair itsself and if you're not getting that... well, things get ugly. I was barely getting any stage 3 and no stage 4. There are so very many things that happened this year that I don't remember at all and there are things that happened in Febuary that I would swear on a bible only happened 3 months ago. In the last month, I can recall most everything. I still get a little stressed over some things but I don't have the melt downs like I was having after a stressful event and I down to crying about every 1 1/2 weeks instead of daily. I'm also getting my adrenal tests again - saliva test this time to see what kind of damage I can repair there. My dr. told me every time your body is forced to wake itself up you get an andrenal rush and you end up burning out your adrenals. I still make lists to remember things but it's getting better every with every night's sleep and I haven't left any groceries in the car yet and I almost always remember if the dogs are inside or outside now. Best of luck in your journey to better health. TF
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 1, 2006
    • 00:13 AM
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  • Thanx for your response. I don't have trouble sleeping. On occassion I awake by jerking. But that isn't very often. I know that alot of my symptoms and some of yours sound like MS. Some people don't understand that people can go through so much and still not have answers. :confused: I know the feeling of forgetting everything. I was an advanced student in school. And now I get embarressed and ashamed. Especially when I am taking my son to school and go the opposite direction. And he doesn't say anything until about 20 minutes later afraid he will hurt my feelings. Sometimes he cries because he knows there is something wrong because he can see such a difference in my intelligence level. To top it off he is in GT (gifted and talented) this year. I am so proud of him,...in top 17 of 421 students. But find myself having trouble helping him with homework. I feel like crying when this happens. :( He tells me it is ok momma. But to me it isn't ok. I wish you luck in finding a solution to your problems. And thanx again for the information. :)
    Dana77535 8 Replies
    • November 1, 2006
    • 01:45 PM
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  • Hi Dana - your symptoms sound very much like MS to me. Have you had an MRI? what do the Dr's say about all your symptoms? I am in the process of getting a diagnosis - possibly MS. My Mum had MS and her sister has other auto immune diseases. My symptoms are as follows: Depression, eye movement problems, balance problems, fatigue, tingling at various times in face, lips, left arm, hand, fingers, legs. Burning pain in legs and feet, cold sensations in toes, tongue, teeth. Hot spots in legs. Heat coursing through body. Headaches (never used to get). Also have memory problems and other cognitive things happening. Find people hard to cope with a lot of the time. I had an MRI which showed a 2cm lesion in my brain stem but no other lesions in spine or other areas of brain. I go back for another MRI in 2 weeks plus Evoked Potential tests. Hopefully will have answers then. Hope you get some answers soon too - the worst thing is not knowing isn't it. RegardsLouise
    kimberleydust 15 Replies
    • November 8, 2006
    • 11:18 AM
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  • Reading your list of symptoms and your family history, I didnt feel so bad that I havent gotten a diagnosis for my symptoms yet. Most of my symptoms are extreme fatigue and weakness in my legs similar to yours. But the memory thing is what interested me about your story. I re-read your post and did not see where you have been tested for MS. With your family history and your symptoms I am sure your doctor has performed all these tests all ready? My immeadiate reaction was possible ALS, but more often the brain function isnt affected. Second possibilty would be Lymphoma as you thought you heard your Doctor say. I would be insistent on those tests. It sounds to me you have been a very patient patient thus far and deserve to end this medical mystery you have going on with you.Good Luck to You!Kathy
    kitkat2 17 Replies
    • November 8, 2006
    • 06:54 PM
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