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Light-headed, headaches, stuffy ears, dizzy, frequent episodes

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  • Posted By: sam-i-am
  • March 1, 2011
  • 01:49 AM

Been to lots and lots of doctors but not a lot of answers.

I am very frequently light-headed and have a feeling like I'm a bit woozy, like I haven't been getting enough air or I just woke up something. This is usually accompanied by headaches around my forehead area and often stuffy ears. During these times I also feel like I have diminished mental capacity - hard time concentrating, etc. If I try to concentrate very hard it will bring on a headache. It makes me a bit slow to the point where others could notice.

Even when I am not experiencing these symptoms, if I jump up and down or jar my head in any way it is very unpleasant (I feel like my brain is bouncing around) and will usually trigger a headache. I can't, for example, do jumping jacks.

I feel like my brian is not operating at full capacity. Like there's not enough blood or oxygen or brain fuel or something.

I also frequently have these short episodes where it feels like my brain suddenly switches to 10% power. It's hard to describe but it's almost like I'm extremely dizzy, but it comes on in an instant and leaves after a fraction of a second. There is usually some lingering light-headedness and a headache, but the episode itself is usually a fraction of second. It's almost as if someone is grabbing my brain suddenly and then letting go. It has been strong enough before that it has knocked me off my feet, but intensity varies.

Cardiologist thinks it's my heart, neurologist thinks it's my brain, regular doctor thinks it's anything from ADD to anxiety to depression. I'm certain it's none of the latter and not sure about the former. I do have an arrhythmia and was treated for some time for cardiomyopathy which is apparently no longer an issue. I also get allergy shots. The only other medication I take is Ambien 1-2 times a week, but this all started well before I started taking Ambien.

I have been experiencing these symptoms for several years, but they seem to be more frequent and intense. Almost daily headaches for a year or two now.

Any help would be appreciated.

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