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Has anyone experienced seizures, tremors, mini-seizures, twitching, or anything similar as a result of taking Lexapro 10mg?

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  • Lexapro is evil!:mad: Some people do okay with it, but a huge number of people experience the symptoms you describe and worse. I had a patient who was taking only 2.5mg and she stopped taking it (her Western docs never told her NOT to do this - you should never just stop taking ANY antidepressant even with such a low dose) Anyway, after a week she developed electric shock sensations, up to 30 times a day! She went to the ER and they did an MRI, and found nothing. She was extremely distressed, and it was when she came to me that I researched and found out about the horrible "discontinuation" (aka withdrawal) symptoms. People need to be aware of the dangers of certain medications. www.drugs.com is an invaluable resource for this. I hope you are doing okay with this - how long have you been taking it? Best wishesDOM
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  • Actually, it's my 30 yr old husband who's been taking it for about a year, I believe. These symptoms started in February of this year, 2 months ago, and while they're not as bad as the original 6 hour episode, they're still there. I posted about that on these forums, too. At the moment, he takes: * Lexapro, 10mg* Advair Diskus, either 500/50 or 100/50* Albuteral, the "new" one* Zyrtec 25mg?* Nasonex* Dilantin for seizures that the doctors say aren't seizures. This was at 300mg. His doctor did blood work and says his Dilantin level is low, so he raised the dosage to 400mg. I've researched every single day for 2 months about what's going on with him, whatever it is, and this is the first time I feel like I might be getting some answers. I'm pretty angry with his neurologist who's written this off as "stress." The ER doctor, however, said he should be OFF of Lexapro. I just wish we'd listened and been more educated 2 months ago.
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  • I really feel for you. So many docs treat pharmaceuticals as candy, when they can have such awful side effects. I can tell you many many stories, but I won't right now:) I do recommend going to www.drugs.com and clicking on the drug interactions checker tab. Type in ALL of the medications your husband is currently taking and then click on the check interactions tab. You may find a dangerous interaction that your docs and pharmacist have missed. I am cautious of dilantin and lexapro combined. So please check on this! Best wishesDOM
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  • His doctor changed his meds today, from Lexapro 10mg, to Clonazepam 0.25mg. He is still on the other meds, though Dilantin is definitely 400mg. Any thoughts? By the way, I really appreciate the help and advice.
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  • When was your husband diagnosed with seizures? And, why is he on the dilantin if the docs say they aren't seizures? Sounds like you should find another doctor who will look into your husband's symptoms more thoroughly instead of throwing drugs at him! Please don't blame yourself for this, blame the idiot doctors! And in the future, please be sure to research all medications you are prescribed so you can know what the side effects are... Just an aside story. I was prescribed avelox (very strong antibiotic) for a sinus infection by my gp, and after only taking one pill I began having HORRENDOUS nightmares, and felt just completely out of sorts. After looking up this med on www.drugs.com I found out that it can cause hallucinations, paranoia and even personality disorders. I wonder how many people have experienced this effect from this drug, and docs didn't catch it as a side effect and instead prescribed an antidepressant?! Also, keep in mind that seizure like activity is often a side effect of certain meds, esp antibiotics. Have you considered trying alternative therapies to help your husband? Would he be willing to try acupuncture? It would be very helpful, I think. I have treated many patients who take antidepressants, and often it helps with their side effects. Be prepared for some changes while he has his meds switched and I hope he doesn' t have any severe withdrawal symptoms. Let me know how things go.Best wishesDOM
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  • About 2 months ago my husband called me from work and told me he was "twitching" and I needed to go pick him up. He said it started as something similar to a cold chill, then happened again about 15 seconds later, then again, and finally it wouldn't stop. When I got there, what he described as twitching was not what I saw. His head was nodding and shaking side to side, his right arm was moving like he was shaking something, like a bottle for example. He was in no pain, was fully concious, and still had his normal sense of humor. He even commented, "Give me a glass with milk and ice cream, and I'll make you a shake." By the time I got him to the hospital, both arms, his head, and both legs were all making this strange movement. This went on for 6 hours while he was in the ER. They were able to calm it with Adamet (probably misspelled) and Dilantin. In the ER, they did a CT Scan, EEG, blood work (his primary is gathering all the tests and results -- embarassed to say we didn't think to get details on all the tests), urinalysis, and a chest x-ray. Everything was normal, they told us. The ER doc suggested this was a reaction to Lexapro, and said he should be off it. Several days later, he was admitted to the hospital for more tests after having had a severe episode in the neurologist's office, primarily in his neck. They did another EEG in the office (while he was having this seizure...thing), then a CT Scan, a 24 hour EEG, blood work, MRI, and spinal tap in the hospital. The only things abnormal were "slightly elevated protein" in his spinal fluid that his neurologist doesn't see as a problem. The CT scan showed a sinus infection which is now being taken care of. The EEGs show no sign of seizure. Since then, he's been on 300 mg dilantin per day (now 400mg), and has had the symptoms diminish. He'd gone a week without any shaking, then had it happen while asleep one night, for 2 hours. Then he went a week without it, and it happened for a few minutes. For the last 7 days, he's had the symptoms, but now they're just minor little twitches in his arms, neck, and jaw, just not all at the same time, and they last for only a short time, perhaps 5-10 minutes. His primary doctor checked his dilantin level and it was low, so he added 100mg to the daily dose, bringing it to 400mg per day. The neurologist has written this off as stress, and, "It will eventually go away." We went to see his GP today, the one who's been monitoring his dilantin level. He is the one who said stop taking Lexapro (cold turkey) and start with the 0.25mg Clonazepam. When I told my husband what I read on www.drugs.com about the caution of taking dilantin and clonazepam together, he agreed to call his doctor (gp) and talk to him about the two before proceeding. Why is he on dilantin? Your guess is as good as mine. We talked to the doctor today, and I explained everything you've told me, and still he's on this med. Personally, I would love to see him off everything, although I realize he needs his asthma medications to, well, breathe. My husband feels he needs an anti-anxiety med, but right now, I just don't trust any of them. :confused:
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  • I would tell your husband to be very cautious about taking clonazepam or any benzo. They are highly addicting. In my opinion, drugs complicate the problem and you should go to the wall for a correct diagnosis. The drugs could be the problem and if he is taking asthma medication, he may be reacting to steroids, if there are steroids in the meds. Does he have any cushing's symptoms? Weight weight, rashes, depression, etc.?
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  • would tell your husband to be very cautious about taking clonazepam or any benzo. They are highly addicting. In my opinion, drugs complicate the problem and you should go to the wall for a correct diagnosis. The drugs could be the problem and if he is taking asthma medication, he may be reacting to steroids, if there are steroids in the meds. I completely agree. The fact is, SEIZURES are a common side effect of a variety of medications and hardly any doctor will catch this. I question the suddenness of his symptoms - think back and see if there was something he had been taking, or had finished taking, that could possibly have caused this. I had a patient whose 5 yo daughter was sick, so took amoxyciline. Within 24 hours the poor girl developed a seizure, and my patient took her to the ER. She asked all the right questions, including "could the antibiotic have caused this?" They flat out said no, and were preparing all sorts of MRI's and other tests to determine the cause. It just happened that she called me to cancel her appt, and when she told me this I looked it up in my drug reference book. IT HAD SEIZURES LISTED AS A SIDE EFFECT IN BOLD! This took me two seconds to look up, yet most docs just don't do this, and are too focused on tests, tests, tests. My point is the ER docs didn't catch this, and this poor girl could have been placed on dilantin, or another anti-seizure med unnecessarily. This really happened, and since stopping the antibiotic the little girl has had no further problems. Okay, I am done with my tirade;) . My point is we all need to be careful with medications - they can be very helpful, but they can also cause extreme harm and even death. Please look up all meds on www.drugs.com. Please try to find a practitioner, allopathic or alternative, who will not just simply throw drugs at a problem. By the way, acupuncture is brilliant for asthma - I rarely use my inhaler anymore. Best wishesDOM
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  • He just got over a week-long bout of flu about 3 days prior to the first seizure. He had a shot of and took phenergan (spelling) 4 days prior. He may have taken an otc cold med, DayQuil maybe, but I am not certain about that. The night all this started, his co-workers mentioned that he was looking pale, but he felt just fine.
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  • Am I correct in understanding your husband was taking lexapro when he was also taking phenergan? If so, then you have your answer: HE DEVELOPED A "SEIZURE" AS A SIDE EFFECT OF PHERERGAN, AND QUITE POSSIBLY AN INTERACTION BETWEEN THE TWO. I will take that to the bank. Here is what I found: Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) is a potentially deadly syndrome associated with Phenergan. Symptoms include increased body heat; muscle rigidness; altered mental abilities, including lack of response to your surroundings; irregular pulse and blood pressure; increased heart rate; sweating; irregular heart rhythm. Contact your doctor at once if any of these symptoms occur. Side effect may include muscle rigidity, or irregular muscle movement. Please get to your original doc and give him this info, and do not leave until he/she admits this could have been the possible cause of his seizure like activity. How many episodes has he had total? How long did he take phenergan? I honestly believe this is a direct cause, and I don't think he should be on dilantin. I really think they messed up here. What do you and your husband think? Best wishesDOM
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  • How many episodes has he had total? How long did he take phenergan? I honestly believe this is a direct cause, and I don't think he should be on dilantin. I really think they messed up here. What do you and your husband think? Yes, he was taking Lexapro when he took Phenergan. He had about 3 episodes a day at the beginning for the first week or so, then he would have 2 a day. He went a week without anything, then had one, went another week and had one. Then he went a week without anything, and started having them daily again. For the last 10 days, he's had 1 a day. He had an injection of phenergan, then took the pills for about 3-5 days. You know, the first night he had this happen, it was cold being February, but as he sat in the ER waiting, he was sweating profusely. We both thought this was from all the energy he was putting out with his arms, legs and head all convulsing. Is that a symptom of NMS? And how is NMS treated? I don't know what to think, but we'll be calling his doctor tomorrow. I'll post more then. He has not started taking the clonazepam, but he's also not taking Lexapro at the moment. He is still taking dilantin. Now we're both confused. What does he take next? Lexapro? Clonazepam? Dilantin? None of the above?
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  • Oh! And for the last few days, he's been having dizzy spells, several per day, if not all day.
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  • your husband may be on too many drugs and might benefit from a drug holiday...where all the drugs are weaned, carefully weaned....for a period of time.
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  • My husband has been off of Lexapro for about a month, and was put on clonazepam instead. About 3 weeks ago, he started having severe headaches on a daily basis. He talked to his neurologist about this 2 weeks ago, and the doctor told him to stop taking clonazepam, and to also wean himself off the dilantin, since the twitching doesn't seem to be seizure related. When my husband's dilantin dose got down to 200mg, from the original 400mg he was taking, he started shaking badly again. First it was all day, then it began to decrease when he was back up to 400mg. He still has headaches. Sometimes they migrate from this shoulders to the back of his head, sometimes he says there's not a spot on his head that doesn't hurt, sometimes they're on the sides or top or top-front. Sometimes he wakes up with them in the morning, sometimes he doesn't, but when he gets one it will probably last all day. His primary doctor thinks they are either stress related because of all that's going on, or migraines, but I can't really say he has any of the classic migraine symptoms. Today he got it at about noon, and is now sleeping off the effects of lortab his primary doctor prescribed for the pain until he can see a new neurologist on Friday. EDIT: He is in the process of getting a root canal done on an abcessed tooth, but the headaches started about a week before this process began (two weeks ago). So now he takes:Advair Diskus -- 500/50 (or 50/500)ZyrtecDilantin -- 400mgInhaler for asthmaLortab about twice a day By the way, I really appreciate all the help I've gotten here. I'm out of ideas of what to look for, and really need as much feedback as I can get. Oh, as for NMS, his primary doctor insists that this is not what my husband has, and the neurologist just keeps telling us it will go away (which is why we're going to a new doctor this Friday).
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  • MLL,I am going to suggest something, and depending on where you live, there may or may not be practitioners in your area. NAET is called Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique, and I think it would be very helpful for your husband. He may actually be allergic to one of the meds he is taking and this could be causing his problems. A certified NAET practitioner would be able to pinpoint exactly what is causing him problems and will clear this from his body in a noninvasive way. NAET is incredible, and I have been taking these treatments for several months now. I have adult onset asthma and lots of GI problems, and have not used my inhaler since starting treatments. It isn't a replacement to Western allopathic medicine, but can be very helpful. www.naet.com to find out more and find a practitioner near you. Best wishesDOM
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  • My shrink put me on Lexipro two years ago and it was good for my depression at first but then I noticed that it was making me nervous. A year later, I developed strange uncontrolled palsies, tremors, facial grimacing, and jerking movements resembling the text-book defin ition of "Myoclonus". I took myself off it. It has been almost a whole year now that I have NOT taken a Lexipro but I still continue to have these symptoms. In fact, they seem to be worse. I am all alone in the world and the only way that I can get around to buy food, etc is to drive. I live in a rural, mountainous area. I am so afraid that I will not be able to drive. I also have cluster migraines as well. This is just a nightmare to me as I have already survived cancer in 2004 and have had Hepatitis C for 25 years and extensive liver damage. It feels as if life is not worth living with this new misery. I read on the Internet that Depakote (Valproic Acid) combined with Clonazepam helps reduce the symptoms of Myoclonus. Has anyone had success with this? Please help. Thank you.:(
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  • Although it is not common, but Lexapro actually may be associated with seizures and tremors.
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  • I stopped taking Lexapro Saturday August 18th of 2007. this is my 4rth day off of it. I was taking 40 mg daily which I see is a huge dose compared to most here. I dropped to 20mg for a month then 10mg for a month. My doctor told me nothing about the potential side effects. I figured a 2 month weaning period would be ok. NOPE. I am sitting here at work unable to concentrate, suffering form the well known "brain freeze", twitching, irritability, slightly elevated heart rate. This stuff is horrible. I felt better before I took the crap than I do now. And up to 8 weeks maybe even longer of known side effects? UGH. I recommend if you are being told by your doctor to take it, look at other alternatives. Oh and I am losing my motor skills. I am a good typist and am correcting a lot of mistakes as I go. I think doctors prescribe it because they get a big $ spiff.
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  • Hello, just wanted ask if you folks are of the Christian faith? If so, I hope you continue to put this to prayer. Also. I do believe that God heals through modern medicine. I may not have caught this, but does your husband take any sort of Valium or Diazepam? Also, I may not of caught your last reply, but is your husband still taking Lexapro? And if so, WHY? From my own research I have found that when it comes to multiple meds simultaneously, less is best, especially if there are extreme side effects. For stress and anxiety I do know that forms of valium do work, but can be addictive. Before and or during the meds does your husband has a history of repetition, doing things over and over until it is just right, and or have great difficulty with change? I have discovered that there are various forms of Autism which mirror these behaviors. Those with Autism do experience a heightened form of stress and anxiety especially with change or meeting new people or being touched or hugged by most people. I know of someone who has a slight form of Autism and has been able to use Valium only when he has to experience change or travel or family get-together's, or when meeting new people and such. Accepting ****s as his personal savior has helped. And as he has grown in the Christian faith, through prayer, studying God's Word, the Bible, has helped him greatly. Also, in the past, because of his condition, he did not attend Church on a regualr basis, nor attend any weekly bible study groups. Now he attends a Calvary Chapel church regularly and also a weekly Bible study. He attributes this to the power of prayer, of God's mercy and grace through His Holy spirit and through God giving man the wisdom, the knowledge for modern medicine. He hopes and prays to one day be able to be completely free of any meds.From Jon Courson's Application Commentary I found this:2 Corinthians 12:8For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me.Whether it was concerning a pain in his body, eyesight that was failing rapidly, or a person causing great difficulty, three times Paul prayed, “Lord, take it away.”2 Corinthians 12:9 (a)And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.Like Paul, we ask for help from the Lord. As far as our Father is concerned, however, the purpose of prayer is not that He might give help to us, but that He might give Himself to us. The Father says, “You want Me to take away the pain, to solve the problem, to get you out of the situation—but that’s not what you need. You need Me. And the very problem you’re seeking to get away from, the very situation you desire to get out of is the very one that is causing you to talk to Me, spend time with Me, and depend on Me. You’ll be stronger when you’re weak because you’ll have no other choice than to draw strength from Me. You’ll do better when you’re weak because you’ll have to rely on Me.”2 Corinthians 12:9 (b)Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of *****t may rest upon me.In *****t ****s, God bless.
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  • Has anyone experienced seizures, tremors, mini-seizures, twitching, or anything similar as a result of taking Lexapro 10mg?I was on Lexapro for 5 years and always got brian shocks and mini-siezures at night biting my tounge and this only started when I was 24 and ONLY after starting the Lexapro. I had weight loss surgery 3 years ago and afterward I then had my first Siezure I went for test after test and nothing. I then started getting a drinking problem and about 6 months ago I had another Major siezure. I went to rehab and stopped clonopine sorry for the spelling. They took me off the clonizpine and put me on 30 mg of Lexipro then 2 months after I stopped all drinking and was on the higher dose the temmers got worse I started biting my tounge everynight and started not being able to get words out of my mouth right somtimes without jumbling them in my head. Hard to explain. Then I had 5 shots of yeager and 3 days later had another magor siezure.a week ago the neorlogist told me to stop the lexapro and all of a sudden all tremmers stopped and no biting of the tounge and no jumbling my words and YES NO SIEZURES. RIGHT after stopping the Lexepro for 3 days!!Rich
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