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just a few questions

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  • Posted By: cameron26
  • March 11, 2009
  • 06:55 PM

Once in a while i get a scared feeling. And i get a warm fuzzy feeling in my body. I used to be a heavy drug user not anymore fpr 8 years pot here and there but not in 4 years. When i get these feelings my vision get fuzzy . Things look closer they where a sec ago etc. Wondering if there is medicine to cure this or not. other than that im healthy blood pressure etc. This only happens every so often. ANd it makes m e feel different. just wondering ... Im not depreessed or anything either . Very up beat haoppy . No thoughts of suiside or anything like that.

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  • What you are experiencing is a 'fight-or flight' response. It comes along with anxiety, but can also be present when you are not feeling down or anxious. It's very common, you are not alone. You can google 'fight or flight response' and see if you think it fits. Remember it's very possible to have a strong or a slight response....depending on the severity of the perceived threat, you may have only some of the symptoms or all of them. There is plenty of grey area with this. The body perceives a threat--that scared feeling you get--and releases neurotransmitters like epinephrine and norepinephrine to deal with the threat--to prepare the body to fight or to run. That vision issue you mention is a common side effect of this happening within your body--it's called tunnel vision and helps your body in stressful situations.Your past use of marijuana is not likely to be the cause of this, you were probably predisposed anyway....but it's possible it could have triggered it or exacerbated your body's natural predisposition to this. Using mindful and calming techniques to keep your body under your conscious control can help you with this....it doesn't have to go on forever. And remember...this is a perfectly natural response that everyone will feel at some point, to some degree, in their life. You are not abnormal or 'different' for getting these feelings.
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  • YA i dont think the pot did it either. I have used lsd 2 times and robo 4 times if that. Ya it does go away but sometimes its really bad. The scary feeling. Feels so real. Some times it lasts for days. I dunno should i see a doctor or a shrink or something? Btw this has been happening a for about 8 years. Sometimes it goes a year without anything sometime,es not.
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  • sorry for the dbl post. Ya im reading anxiety on wiki. Im more flight never fight. It has a lot to do with lighting and stuff im understanding. WHen i turn to ppl they say ur all right there is notheing wrong with you. But inside im like Flamming. sometimes sick to my stomach and feel like i have to go running. Its so weird.makes scene anxiety runs in my family. I think it comes out when i se something that is not there i guess. I dunno . Also some times my vision get very impared that im almost blind in 1 eye like a shocky vision lighting bolts type fuzzy. If i use eye drops it goes away. Anxiety happends when that occurs to. Even writing this post gives me a scary anxiety feeling not extream as other ones but a lil. Usually i get a really bad one where im jsut scared of anything and i have to go lay down watch tv relax myself. Others it goes away in 10 min. With no warning bam its there. I hope all this makes sence. Ty for replying so fast.
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  • Have you had your thyroid checked. You could simply be hyper. Other then that adrenal issues could be worth looking into. Kiera
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  • ive always been a hyper active kid. When i was younger they wanted to put me on ridolin. My kids are hyper. What is thyroid? What does it have to do with ? I mean the adrenal issues. I mean if i think about enough it starts to happen kind of bring it on self. Or sometimes not its odd. Im gonna bring it up with my doctor.also when these scary feeling kick in my sex drive is up to. Dunno why. THis has happened for a while i just kind of calm myself down. I jsut dont want to be on any medicine that makes me "different" UI jsut took a physical and blood results came back great and im good condition. Except potasim was low :(
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  • If you have hyperthyroidism, it can give you anxiety symptoms. With hyperthyroidism your metabolism is fast and your heart can sometimes pound. If you have low potassium, then you need to find out why. It is dangerous and there is something causing your kidneys to flush it out of your system. Read more here: http://www.emedicinehealth.com/low_potassium/article_em.htm
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  • i went back to get a blood test to make sure my potassium was the right reading. The doctor said if my potassium doesn't rise i have to take medicine. Ive been have 1 banana a day since the first test. i want to talk to him to about my vision sometimes ill see dots. I also have to squint to read certain things.
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