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  • May 12, 2010
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Question: For Sally Pacholok:

I am grateful to have found this site! A number of years ago I was diagnosed with low B-12 of 91 - it seems to run in my family as shortly after my diagnosis my sis was diagnosed also with a level of 48. My doctor put my on injections and told me it would be a lifelong thing. I also have terrible Fibromyalgia and therefore was receiving treatment for this condition as well. At the time my serum iron levels were low also. I kept on the injections for a few months - but seemed to be reacting to the binders and fillers of the serum - so here in my city we have a compunding pharmacy where they made me a preservative free cyanocobalamin (sp?) serum. This helped a great deal and I remained on the injections for a few years. My syymptons basically vanished including a heart arythmia that I had been dealing with since the age of 17! This was all from about 2000 - to 2004!

In 2004 my wonderful doc retired and I found a new doc. This new doctor allowed me one more year of my injectable special prescription - but after that did not want me to continue on! I had a blood test that showed my levels were now at 800 however after a year or more of not having the injections I noticed many of my symptoms returning! By this time the doc did not even want to deal with this ( I think she didn't buy the whole b-12 thing nor the Fibro.) So I had to try to find new doctor and to be honest there is a shortage where I live - so I have been bouncing around to different walk in clinics for help - all to no avail. It has been 3 years now since I have had any injections. This past year has been horrible and now My fibro symptoms are out of control. I have been diagnosed with costochondritis by my heart specialist (I was in emerg with heart palpitations and chest pain) they have done tests and have ruled out heart trouble.s,

I am in so much pain - the costo is terrible, leg cramps and spasms in my chest, legs, back etc. Sometimes I feel like I have twitches and spasms everywhere. Dizzy, faint and weak, not able to sleep (right now I am sleeping in a recliner as I cannot lay flat) I also have extreme allergies/sensitivities to medications, fragrances, etc. Almost like chemical sensitivities. This has become a real problem as I cannot take hardly anything for pain, no antibiotics etc. I have pins and needles, crawling sensations, heart palpitations, I also am wondering if I am starting menopause or peri (I am 38). I have gluten sensitivity and IBS, spastic colon etc. I have been on a gluten free diet for 6 months now which has helped with the IBS. I am also losing a great deal of hair. I have had blood work done for thyroid, hashimoto's diabetes, etc. all of which are normal.

My latest b-12 reading is 333. I feel like it is back at 91. My Hemoglobin is good and they say my iron is within normal range. I am so to write so much but I wanted you to have all of the particulars. I am wondering several things:

1.) Is a B-12 level of 333 low enough for me to get all these symptoms back?

2.) I have just ordered a hydroxycobalamin sublingual tab to try - is this good or bad as I have heard that this is the best form of absorbable b-12?

3.) No doctor I have seen believes in injections. I am from Canada and here they are feeling that even the regular vitamins that you swallow can do the trick? What should I do - I can't get a prescription for the preservative free b-12 anymore?

4.) Can low b-12 cause bad hormonal symptoms and inflammation like costochondritis?

I feel so miserable and would so value any advice you could give!!

Thank you so so much!!

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  • When a lot of people have low vitamin B, it is because their digestive system does not absorb them, so taking vitamins would not always help. Where I live you don't need to go to the doctor to get vitamin B injections. You can just get them from walk-in establishments called "The Shot Nurse." Do you have something like that? Are you close enough to any American town where you could go to get that?
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