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It Ruins My Life.

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  • Posted By: Helpme1992
  • January 20, 2012
  • 00:49 AM

Im 19 years old and for the past 12 years i have developed a problem which is slowly putting me in debt and ruining my life. It all started when i was 7 and first moved house. I still suck my thumb (which isn't a major issue) but when i do i begin to pull the threads out of my clothes. i dont know why i do it and when. i can wake up in a morning and find string and threads surrounding my bed and between my covers. i can buy a new top and put it on one morning and by the next day i can have torn it to shreds... i seriously need help i spend money on clothes that last me a day and it makes my family very upset. i have never met anyone with this same problem... my parents think its down to nerves and being nervous but i need better answers. i havent told any of my friends so i hate it how my friends all swap and borrow clothes for a night out and i cant lend them things... im running out of excuses and im running out of hope.... i cant take this much longer but im terrified of the results.... i cant find anything online that truly explains this and i just want to know why i do it and if there is anyone out there with the same problem... please help me! im desperate!

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  • check OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) treatment.
    mykidsaredizzy 1 Replies
    • February 25, 2012
    • 00:56 PM
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  • I do something similar to this and at times without knowing I am doing it. I have a habit of twisting and twirling loose pieces of fabric on my clothes, mainly in my sleeves and pockets until they can't twist anymore. I then rub my finger along the edges which has a strange feeling of relaxation.Not sure why I do this. but I've done this for as long as I can remember...
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  • Hi, I too have this issue. I am 38 years old and have been like this for over 30 years with no help (dont know where to start). When I was a young boy I used to pull my clothes apart thread by thread. Usually on the sleeves or at the bottom of tops (or any loose threads in fact), My mum used to go off at me as I ruined so many clothes doing this. I have no clue why I started doing this. It would get to the point where I ended up with a new top and if I found a loose thread I just wanted to pull the one thread to make it neat but then I found another thread and then it would get to the point where I would lose half a sleeve and I couldnt stop. I would say to myself Ok the next new top I wouldnt do it to. Over the years it was all types of clothing, rugs on the lounge, cushions, towels. The feel of the thread in my fingers was relaxing and a good feeling even though I was ruining things. I am now 38 and even though not as bad as my younger times I still do this on a regular basis. I really have to stop myself where possible from pulling my clothes apart thread by thread. I even do it not knowing I do it in front of my work colleagues (not obviously but behind my back of in my pockets etc).My wife knows I do it and gets frustrated as she knows I am doing it when she can here the thread being pulled or breaking. She gave me a pulling cloth so I can pull it apart without damaging good items. Its ridiculous right???Ive thought it was something like OCD but never seen anything online like this until now so any assistance would be appreciated. Is it a visit to a local GP or what?So to the 1st poster I feel for you. I know how it feels.
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