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Icepick headaches with many new symptoms that accompany headaches.

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  • Posted By: Lou_Lisa2002
  • October 24, 2013
  • 05:29 PM

Around 7 months ago I started experiencing hearing problems... like my hearing was muffled... this comes and goes... but has now become constant. The doctor told me my ears looked fine and maybe I have sinus pressure in my ears and gave me a nasal spray... this didn't help at all. I also wake up with entire ear pain in the mornings... not always... but several times a month. About 5 months ago I started having severe Vertigo issues and the meds given to help with my vertigo symptoms didn't help it at all either. 4 months ago started my first Icepick headaches... it started just once for a few minutes and then at least a month later it happened again... but this time it happened several times in one day and at the onset of ANY stress (like something that would make you sigh) kept bringing them on. Now I get them EVERY DAY... and now I also get just a bad headache with icepicks on top of them. This causes me to have double vision in my right eye... it makes me nauseous... my hearing gets worse... I can't deal with light while I am having the headaches, my personality changes from sweet and normal to rage and aggressive. Also... in the last 2 months... I am unable to keep a constant thought while trying to hold a conversation... and I can't find words while looking at objects or people. Such as I can be looking at a set of curtains and I can't NOT find the word. So much so that I lock up all together and just point in the direction of the item I am trying to say. I was also folding clothes today and forgot how to button a normal button down shirt for a few seconds. It was like my motor skills are starting to mess up. And I have started reaching for items... like a glass and barely miss it and it falls and breaks. My doctors keep trying to diagnose or rather... treat each symptom rather than looking at it as a whole. I had to beg for a neuro consult... and finally got one. But the dr. keeps insisting that it is just icepick headaches. I am frustrated to the max. I feel something else is really wrong here. I have had 3 cancers by the time I was 26... now 35. My dad and grandmother both had brain cancer and tumors... not sure if they are one and the same. So is it just an icepick headache or should I seek a CT Scan?

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  • Hi, Lou_Lisa! I know it has been a while since you have posted your question. Have you been able to get your doctor to order a CT or MRI? I have had similar symptoms of headaches, reduced motor skills, poor grip of my hands (mainly right), poor balance, poor word recall, slurred speech, saying the opposite word of what I mean, slowed thought process, disturbed sleep process (can't sleep at night, can't wake up or stay up during the day), tingling sensation in arms especially fingertips, intolerance of heat & cold (esp. cold), pain in my thoratic region of back, lower back pain, sharp pain in the gluteal region, pain in my right trapezius muscle that goes into the shoulder, behind the shoulder blade (ice pick sensation) & down my arm, pain in my legs, muscle fatigue in my arms & legs, generally tired all the time, ringing in my ears, feel like I can't hear well in my left ear, occasional light sensitivity (especially fluorescent lights) accompanied with extreme tiredness, redness in eyes, gritty feeling in eyes & eye dryness. When I turn out the light, all the symptoms go away & I have energy. Also, I get this weird feeling in my the back side of my head that starts just behind & above the left ear & goes to the base of my neck, occasionally extends into the trapezius area of my neck/shoulder. I don't really know how to describe the feeling because it's so strange. The closest I can say about it is: a fullness feeling that's tingly, burning & searing, but it's not painful...Almost like as if a sander is rotating in my head. Weird, I know. Sometimes when I get this feeling I feel like I am drunk because of slurred speech & vertigo & living an out of body experience because I see things as hazy & lights with halos around them. I cannot think or concentrate when it's strong. I had this feeling for years, been to the doctor, & they dismiss me with migraines. However, last month I finally got a MRI due to neck pain. The results were "normal", but there was a finding that I have " low-lying Cerebellar Tonsils protruding 4mm caudal to Foramen Magnum " on my left side. Low-lying Cerebellar Tonsils are normal up to 4mm according to the medical guidelines. 6mm is considered severe. I looked it up & it's basically herniation of the brain. It does cause many of these symptoms, but supposedly not when it's only 4mm. This may be something you may want to check into. Another name for it is Chiari. Here is a link to a Chairi website http://www.conquerchiari.org/education/chiari-faqs.html I hope that helps. I am still in the learning stages about this stuff, but I am glad to know I may have an answer to my ailments. I am interested in the updates of your condition.
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    • January 6, 2014
    • 02:37 AM
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