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Husband Passed out---siezure symp and conucussion

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 2, 2006
  • 06:54 PM

Hello to you...

I am hoping that maybe someone else might have some help for us here.

My hubby Brian is a pastor. About 7 weeks ago, he passed out in front of our congregation. When he did, it looked like someone shoved him with two hands across the room. He hit his head twice (once on the top and again on the bottom) of the alter table. He was unconcious for about 7-10 minutes. While he was out, he stopped breathing 2 times, had convulsions, foam from the mouth, and his pulse never ran over 40bpm.

Our local hospital (this is where the EMT wanted him to go) is a very small rinky ***k hospital. They told us that he was fine. They did a CAT scan, but so far, they have not allowed our General Practionar to veiw the CAT scan. Also did an EKG. He has a minor irregular heartbeat...but that was probably not the cause.

Our general practionar says that he had a 3rd degree concussion and had a possible seizure. He is treating him with Valuum (sp) to reduce his stress levels just in case it was a siezure.

Ever since, he has had terrible headaches. He has not been able to control his emotions at all. (He has never been like that before.) He says that his head feels that it is "swimming" like things are sloshing around. In the spot that he hit (right behind the ear) he says that he can feel things "moving". He forgets the littlest of things. He can not remember about 10 hours of the day of the accident still. Also, it seems that the side of the injury has been affected. At night, his teeth chomp on that side. He will often have his right hand curl into an uncontrollable muscle spasm. And the right side of his neck feels as though there is a little pocket of fluid in it and it hurts him daily.

We have no insurance, so we are trying to make sure that this is not just common for a severe concussion, but everything in us says something more is wrong. What do you all think???

Thank you!

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  • i would take him to a chiropractor, that is where i went i had some similar things happen to me in september including seizure after the concussion and i am still dealing with many symptoms. there could be severe problems, and i suggest getting him in with someone. i dont think i chiropractor would do much more than try to relax muscles and realign his back but he may have some suggestions, plus they are relatively inexpensive compared to most drs. also take him to a reg. dr if you can, i know its expensive but is not going worth his life... im preaching to the choir. --- i need to go back too. ive been having blury vision etc, and its been 6+ months since my accident, dont hesitate to email me at mrmkatie28@aol.com thankskatie p.s. good luck
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  • How is his blood pressure and blood sugar? I'm just trying to figure out why he past out in the first place. THis doesn't seem like a seizure, not how you described it.. Was he really nervous that day? Stress can cause your blood pressure to fall and blood sugar to drop dramaticly and cause unconciousness. If they suspected a seizure, did they do an EEG (of the head)? You can request copies of your medical records and ask for your films of the CT scan. Or you can sign a release form at your GP office and they can request the films. I'm thinking that maybe he had some nerve damage from the fall. He really should be evaluated by a neurologist. and have a follow-up CT scan. I know that this can be quite expensive, but something is going on.
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