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hot/cold tingling in hands.

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  • Posted By: amayameda
  • October 30, 2008
  • 10:38 PM

Hello Everyone. Ok, I'll just jump right into my problem. If anyone has any tidbits of information or ideas, it would be really helpful.

Late August, I started having this strong hot/cold burning/tingling sensation in my right hand. Its always triggered by hot water, weather or a rise in body temp. (I should note that I was already very uncomfortable with heat). There is never any change in color, temperature, or loss of feeling. This began to happen with increasing regularity(I can make it happen just by taking a shower), and then last week the sensation spread to my left hand as well. The last two episodes, something new was added. Whenever my right thumb and pointer finger would get close to anything warm, it felt as if I had seriously burned the tips of those fingers. That sensation continued for at least two hours, even after the tingling had stopped. Oh, I should probably mention that I have major problems with fatigue, but for a much longer period of time.

I've been seeing a neurologist about this. He did lots of bloodwork to check for things like anemia or thyroid problems. Those all came back normal. He did a test with an electrified needle and what looked like a small tazer, to test the nerves and muscles in my arm. Everything was fine there. Then he had me do an MRI of the brain. I haven't seen the report or the films yet (I won't until Tuesday), but I was told they were negative (negative for what, I'm not sure). The stats for the MRI were 0.3Telsa, NO contrast, and I'm not sure how thin of slices.

So now I'm very confused. If its not the thyroid or anything in the blood, and its not a pinched nerve or damaged muscle, and the MRI looked fine, then what could it be? After the blood, nerve and muscle tests, I figured it might be some sort of myelinopathy like MS, but now I'm out of ideas. Does anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences?

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  • I had a similar problem, although mine didn't seem to be effected by temperature, or at least not that I noticed. Over the last 5 years or so I have had random mumbness and tingling in both of my arms going all the way down to my fingers, usually my thumb, index and middle fingers. I have had MRIs, EMGs (the nerve conduction test with needles you mentioned), all with no conclusive results over the last few years. I work for spine surgeons so I was talking to them about it and one suggested that I try taking Neurontin and see if that will help the numbness and start physical therapy to make sure that my neck is all working right. As it turns out the Neurontin helped a lot, and the physical therapist found that the joints in my spine from my skull down to my thoracic spine were tight which might have caused enough impingement on the nerves at times to cause the numbness. I took the Neurontin for 6 months or so and then decided that I wanted to try going off of it and seeing what happened so far I haven't had much numbness at all, I am still going to PT once a month or so to maintain the joint flexability in my neck. I would be curious to know why they had you do a brain MRI and not a C-spine MRI, the nerves that go into your arms originate in your neck, so I wonder what your doctor was looking for in a brain MRI. You are lucky that the brain MRI is negative, if there was something there it wouldn't necessarily be the easiest to fix. Ask your doc about Neurontin and see if you can get some relief until they figure out what is causing this.
    SpineGirl 64 Replies
    • November 4, 2008
    • 02:06 AM
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