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hi - new and confused

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  • Posted By: melanie31
  • September 17, 2008
  • 00:34 AM

hi! my name is melanie and i just turned 31 wednesday. woo hoo. ;)
i have a lovely array of symptoms to share with y'all. i just hope somebody reads this and can give me any advice at all.

ok - here are the symptoms:
terrible short term memory/concentration
slurring words/ takes too long to say something
muscle pain (feels like touching a bruise)
joint pain
muscle twitches (all over body)
sensations on arms, legs, hands, feet like a bug is crawling on me or biting me
loss of balance/coordination (walking into door frames, falling to one side in the shower)
brief vision interruption (everything goes black)
fuzzy vision, sometimes just one eye
seeing things from the corner of my eye that aren't there
falling asleep suddenly during the day with disorientation/confusion upon waking
periods of insomnia
oversleeping everyday
abdominal pain
kidney area pain on back
chest pains maybe once or twice a month always on left side
heart palpitations maybe once or twice a month
hand tremors, from slight to very noticeable, especially when trying to perform precision tasks (has gotten to the pont where it interferes with my job at times)
no libido
past episodes of depression
recurring cracking at corners of mouth
hair loss & regrowth - sometimes it's pretty bad, but it's ok for now
diagnosed with:
hashimoto's thyroiditis
also, i had a hysterectomy in february 2007.

so, recently, i went to some sort of "natural" doctor. i was just sick of my gp and thought maybe this new dr could help me. well, insted she scared the crap out of me by telling my i may have parkinson's.
i am going to go back to my gp next week (if i can get in) and get her to refer me to a neuro. i am scared it's parkinson's or ms or who knows what.
i don't have time to be sick. i work 40 hours a week with a 45 minute one way commute and i have 2 kids in elementary school and a husband that works out of town frequently. ack!


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  • I have been in your shoes & am sorry to say it hasn't gotten better but... what I will tell you is don't waste time. It sounds like you are ahead of the game at least unlike myself. Go get that referral to see a neuro ASAP - no matter what it is believe me it's better to no because my bosy is still trying to fight the unknown. I too, had a total hysterectomy (11/04) except I was exposed to dirty elevator hydraulic fluid which was on the instruments used internally/externally on me during my surgery. Since these surgery my body has fallen apart.I no it's a different situation but you sound just like me about work and how you don't have time to be sick. That's more the reason to get it all taken care of now. I never even had one headache until the hysterectomy, then came the infections all over, flu-like symptoms, joint pain, fatigue, tingling in the hands, burry vision, numbness ----- then came in 2007 (although they said it was missed on the 2005 MRI) Brain Lesions. Apparently I had a few in 2005 that they wrote off as being sinus & miragranes, but then they got a little bigger & spread to different areas. At first with the symptoms & brain lesions they were sure it was MS but the Spinal Tap & MRI On my Spine showed no lesions so they were unsure. I was treated with a week of IV steriods because the pain & symptoms were so severe though. Depending on the weather my symptoms came & went. I finally began seeing doctors at UNC only & at John Hopkins in Maryland. I was hospitalized for the first time in July due to seizures, which I have never had before. I am currently trying to get the right doctor, medicine, diagnosis for that. So ... this is so much more then u wanted to no but no-one seemed to be proving u with any feedback either so I think I would try.GO DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO, PLEASE! T
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    • September 25, 2008
    • 02:30 AM
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