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help for my mom-- it's NOT tarsal tunnel syndrome

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  • Posted By: motherslove
  • January 19, 2008
  • 08:00 AM

My mother was wrongly diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome two weeks ago, since the Drs have decided it is something else....
My mom is 55 years old. She is healthy other than frequent allergy related headaches, sporadic problems sleeping and osteoporosis (Drs noted last that she had the bones of a 75 year old).
Here's the problem....

About three months ago my mom started to have a pins and needles feeling down her entire right leg. About 1.5 months after the onset of this she began to have what she calls 'episodes'. These episodes come on without warning and she says it almost feels like electric volts pulsing through her leg, she also notes that even though it sounds crazy, her leg feels like it is huge like it is 4x the size. She can't walk during these episodes and automatically (probably because of the pain) bends over. When the episodes started they wouldn't last for more than say 2mins and the episodes were happening every few weeks.

Last month (2-2.5 months after it all started) the episodes became more severe and more frequent. She reports having a constant feeling of pins and needles in her foot- almost like its asleep. Before there were no pins and needles- at least not constantly. She called the doctor and told him what was going on. He ordered an MRI and the diagnosis process started…

She had the first MRI of her back, where everything checked out, no tumors or problems at all. At this point she was diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. However, the pain persisted afterwards worse than ever before. After seeing a specialist, all of her physicians agreed that it was not Tarsal afterall. She had a blood test for MS, results aren't in yet and the Drs don't think that’s what it is anyway. Now she has multiple episodes a day with constant pain in her right leg. She noted that the pain seems to have moved to the back of her leg. She can’t walk the dog, move quickly and is having problems walking up stairs at this point and we’re all past worried.

With such a variety of symptoms, and the amount of pain she is in, all the Dr’s are quite confused. The next plan of action, if the blood test comes back negative for MS, is to do another MRI of her brain to continue ruling out other possibilities.

I called her at work today and she had an episode on the phone. I can’t take not doing something about this. My mother is amazing, and not ever a complainer. My father passed from cancer a few years back and she is stoic when it comes to health issues because of all we’ve been through. I understand it takes time to diagnose these things, it took months to diagnose my father. I just want to know if anyone else has had these problems. I just can’t sit back and do nothing.

I’ve searched through these forums and found other diseases which the associated symptoms sound similar: like spastic paraparesis, ms, sciatica, neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, angina and Bell's Palsy. I’m not a doctor, I’m just a nervous wreck.

Even if you don’t have suggestions for diagnosis does anyone have suggestions on how I can make her more comfortable until the docs figure it out? I’m willing to do and research anything at this point.
Thanks so much, I’m sorry this was so long 

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