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gradual memory loss .. any explaination ?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 1, 2006
  • 03:09 PM

you know, i thought it was stress .. but stress dont kill you .. well actually, it does :s but no no this is unrelated to stress, i'm positive ..
it all started last year, when i started lossing my memory slowly .. at the beginning, it was nothing .. i simply couldnt remember my conversations with friends , i was always like '' huh? we talked about that before ? '' n then i started paying attention to it when my friends started givin me hard time about it, accusing me of ignorance n that i dont care n all that crap which wasnt true ... then slowly, it started affecting my language ..i was losing my eng voc so quick although i depend on english, its the language i use the most .. 1st was voc then grammer and man .. now it can a big mess :s ... then it hit me when i started forgettin names .. names of ppl ive been with for years .. names of ppl i see everyday .. my professors .. my class mates and even my best friennds .. no i didnt forget their last name .. it was their FIRST name that i couldn't remember ... thats when i started freakin out ... things didnt stop, it got worse when i began to forget names of items like tv , book , phone , car n that was in arabic .. MY MOTHER TONGUE .. i couldnt name things .. my memory was blank ... n now its affecting my studies coz whatever i study, i forget the next day .. its so bad that i even forget my ABC .. im a medical student, soon to be a doc and we rely 100% on our memory .. I CANT AFFORD TO LOSE IT ...ppl think i dont study, they dont understand the fact it hurts when i do coz i know that i wont remember a thing ... doctors are accusing me of being a careless student n that im not good enough to be a doctor ... they dont see what i go through .. they dont get the fact that i do .. i do try so hard though it hurts but i still try but its not working .. my future is on the line here ... if i dont get my memory back, i'll lose everything ...
it didnt stop with memory .. now, i cant even concentrate on ANYTHING .... like if im having a conversation, id look like im daydreaming but im not , i just drown into nothingness n be all blank ... its scary .. coz even when i drive, i cant seem to focus on the road , i like '' wake up '' every few seconds, to realize that im driving ... im losin my concentration here .. i mean, i cant seem to have my mind around to the fact that, i forgot to lock the toilet's door so many times now .. CMON PPL .. IT HAPPENS AUTOMATICALLY .. we all lock the toilet's room automatically ... i dont know whats happening to me ... like the other day, i actually switched the car on n drove for like 1 meter with the door open .. i wasnt focusing enough to realize that i didnt close the door - which i always do even before inserting the key - .. CAN U EXPLAIN THAT ?
my vision have became blurred . everything at 3 meter away is blurred ...its freaky ... very freaky ... i did check my eyes and they said they were ok
no im not stressed n im not going through anything .,. these things r not related to my psychological state .. it has been a year now .. n if this thing goes any longer, id probably forget who i am, lose my idenity in 3 years max ....
i'm so scared ...

i did CBC , all normal , no iron deficiency
i'm 21, not on drugs or alcohol n im not stressed or depressed !

anyone can explain that ? could be a degenerative brain disease? but im too young ... lol

some one help me ...

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  • Hello: I think you should see a neurologist as soon as possible. Something seems to be going wrong and it is progressing rapidly. Have you considered epilepsy or a brain tumor? Good luck. Lil
    Diamond Lil 12 Replies
    • December 1, 2006
    • 09:46 PM
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  • What is CBC? Also, I had been losing my memory, I'm only 22. It started slowly also, first not remebering to do things I have always done.Like locking my car doors, or forgeting my keys in the car, I had never done that!! I also could drive a while without realizing I am. I couldn't remeber a conversation like 10 min before, let alone the day before. Some people never have a great memory, but I am one of those who could normaly tell you exactly what you had said a year later. Then, it went away. I became depress, because I was losing my one thing that I was so proud to have. I could look at pictures and remeber the smells the weather, the nosie I'm talking everything. It was very scary. I also started to stutter and forget what I was talking about mid-sentence. I couldn't spell right. My motor skills were going.I would make list's on my hands so I wouldn't forget things,if I wrote in on paper I would forget it. My husband is and always has been forgetful, so I have had to remember things for him. I couldn't do that, he was having to remind me!!!! I have been slowly getting better though, but only because I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and put on some meds. That effects your memory so much more then you would think. If you have not had your blood tested for anything, you really should go back to the doctor. You know you aren't feeling right, so keep going till you do feel right. I wish you the best, and hope your problem is as easily fixable as mine was. Good Luck. ;)
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 2, 2006
    • 05:30 AM
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  • I havent had any of these things happen to me but I was wathching Montel Williams show and he had on people with MS. And this one man was a lawyer who had what sounds like what you are going through. He was trying a case and turned around and didnt know his client, a woman he had known for 2 years! I didnt know that was a symptom of MS before that show. I am not saying that is what it might be but maybe a trip to a nuerologist is in order here. especially if your vision is being affected. I wish you the best of luck and you are in my prayers!kathy
    kitkat2 17 Replies
    • December 4, 2006
    • 05:18 PM
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  • A common cause of gradual memory loss is toxic chemical exposure.You can visit www.neurotox.com for further information. Also available at that site is the opportunity to take a symptom survey to assess if you might be suffering from neurotoxicity.
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  • Several viruses can cause these kind of symptoms. For more info, Google "CHRONIC SORE THROAT / MOOD VIRUS"
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  • ]Several viruses can cause these kind of symptoms. For more info, Google "CHRONIC SORE THROAT / MOOD VIRUS"OR click here: http://chronicsorethroat.wordpress.com
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  • Hi, i have the same thing,, but its been over like 10 yrs, gradually getting worse,, it all happened after i used marajuana,, i was taken to hospital,, kind overdose, but i was silly, i did it again a few months later due to peer pressure, and ever since then i have felt out of it... my memory is getting to the stage where im forgetting everything,, ive been to doctors in the past and they think theres nothing wrong with me and they say that if i dont use marajuana now then its out of my system, but the thing was ,, it caused some kind of damage,, and im so afraid its turning into like demenita or something? i can feel myself slowing down alot.... any solutions for me?thanks alot
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