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Facial Neuropathy - Motorcycle Accident

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 12, 2006
  • 02:58 AM

I was in a motorcycle accident 3 years ago. I broke my left eye orbital although my eye is fine and had titanium plates put in July 03. From the beginning I had burning and stinging in my left cheek and under my eye that never went away. Dec 03, I had the plates removed, thinking they were pressing on nerves..Drs said I wouldnt know until they took them out if it helped. It DIDNT. In Dec 04 a Neurosurgeon thought he should go in and do a Microvascular Decompression surgery and he said I did have an artery pressing on the Trigeminal nerve which they padded with teflon. It DIDNT help, I still had the burning and stinging in my left cheek. I had a CT scan and MRI done in Dec 05 and they saw a nerve stuck in part of the broken orbital area that had not been fixed. I went to Dr. Jeffrey Colyer in KC MO in April 06 and he put bone from my rib in the eye fracture area and we begged him to just cut or kill the nerve. Afterward, a portion near my nose and lip on the left side was dead numb on the outside, but under the eye and the rest of the cheek was still burning and stinging. NOW, the cut nerves have regenerated and hurt worse than they did before including feeling air pass over my face and hurting. Ive been on Neurontin, Tripeptal and now Lyrica for the nerve pain. They also put me on Cymbalta for depression from the pain and for several months Ive been going to a pain mgmt doctor who has had me trying every type of opioid there is..all with some type of side effect that I couldnt handle and still be able to work FT..Im now trying Opana..but they kind of work, but I still have pain - burning and stinging.
Im trying to find a doctor who will treat the burning and stinging and not try to mask it. I would rather have that side of my face numb than in pain..without all the meds, it becomes very unbearable and my face freezes up and feels like its paralyzed. I feel like all I can do is curl up and sleep and I cant even do that. Ive had so many side effects from all the meds, I just want to get it taken care of. I have talked to others that have been in accidents and their face or part of it is numb and doesnt hurt, I dont know why I cant get to this point. Any ideas or doctors that would look at this? Im 52 and need to keep working until retirement at my job of 31 years that requires alot of mental aptitude and travel, I dont want to be drugged up and unable to think or work unless the pain is eliminated and I can be totally disabled to the working world, but not to my own personal world.
So this is so long, next time I will be shorter!
Sherry B:o

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  • Hi - my mom has Neuropathy and it is getting more severe with the pain. She has finally found something that helps a bit so she can sleep and also function a few hours during the day so she doesn't have to be in a wheel-chair all of the time. I just phoned her to get the info for you. Hopefully I wrote it down correctly for you.She takes 100 mg of something called tab-amitriplyline and one 75 mg of something called Pregabalin before bed - then in the morning she takes another 75 mg of Pregabalin. So 2X 75 mg of Pregabalin per day plus the one 100 mg of the amitriplyline. Her Neuropathy is in her feet, not her head - but I'm thinking it will work for any body part. Maybe this will help to numb your pain. Good luck.http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/images/misc/progress.gif
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    • November 2, 2006
    • 06:23 AM
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  • look up rsd/crps same symptoms thats what i have hope it helps
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 29, 2007
    • 07:51 PM
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