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Don't agree with a doctor's diagnosis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 1, 2011
  • 09:19 PM

I've been to see my neurologist today about some problems that I have been having for months, his final diagnosis was that this has been caused by stress (my mother has cancer) however, I don't feel like this is the truth. I don't want to be seen as a patient who isn't happy with what I've been told. I'm thankful that he thinks it's nothing sinister but my GP had mentioned MS when talking about what I have. After some research, I feel like this wasn't explored properly. I had a neck and brain MRI both without contrast. From the research I have done, one of the tests is an MRI with contrast which would show smaller legions ect.

My problems have been happening since March. I originally started off with numbness and tingling down my right arm which I was also unable to move. I went to the doctor who gave me amitriptyline in hope that I had a virus and it was messing with my CNS. Since March, I've had problems with easy pins and needles in the arm, numbness even while taking amitriptyline which I am currently taking 100mg every day which is a high amount. Since then, the problem has moved into my other arm. I get spinal pain, a burning sensation in my legs, spasms all over my body, extreme pain in the top of my neck where it meets my skull. I've had headaches so bad that I've been in hospital and given morphine to stop me screaming. I have problems swallowing like the back of my throat has swollen up and I end up choking on simple things. I'm currently taking 100mg of amitriptyline every night as well as 100mg of tramadol three times a day. I've been on several other painkillers and I'm still having the effects.

I feel like I know my body enough to know what's happening and I have this feeling in my stomach that this isn't caused by stress. Some days are worse than others and these don't coincide with days that I feel stressed or relaxed.

Should I push over MS diagnosis or does it sound like something related to stress? My step-father asked if it could be stressed and mentioned stuff that happened years ago and my neurologist just seemed to jump on that idea.

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  • Would like to add on as well, I got the 'official' letter which gets sent to my gp about my care. In the letter it explains that my headaches are caused by stress but none of my other neurological problems and what is causing them. I feel let down by the system at the moment, especially since he recommends I come off my Amitriptyline which I know has stopped me from not being able to move my arm and legs. I don't want to come off these painkillers in case the new medication causes all these symptoms to come to the for front. He also pointed out in the letter that I have full movement, proper reflexes and can feel anyone touching my limbs but this wouldn't be happening if I wasn't on my painkillers.I feel like I'm repeating myself a million times to my doctors but none of them are listening to me no matter which GP I go to in my practice.
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  • "his final diagnosis was that this has been caused by stress" = Usually doctors-neurologists (& psychologists) like to claim the "stress" as cause of any disorder when they don't know what's the real cause. Actually the stress could be only one of the possible "triggers" but not the reason of the disorder. I would recommend you to keep seeking alternative opinions.
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  • Stress is the easy answer when doctors don't know what else to say. Whatever you are going through, it sounds like a lot and you need to continue searching until you are provided with a diagnosis and a real treatment plan. I would suggest seeing another neurologist for a second opinion. I would also ask that doctor to screen again for MS again as sometimes lesions can be hard to see, or even hidden. A spinal tap can also help to rule MS in or out.Sometimes neurological symptoms can also have an auto-immune cause (like Lyme, lupus). Have auto-immune diseases been ruled out?Sorry I couldn't be of more help.Best of luck!
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    • September 2, 2011
    • 09:47 PM
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  • The posters above me suffer unfortuante misconceptions, which arent their fault.Lets talk about stress. You didnt provide your age which is...going to make this harder but never the less, I will proceed.Im 25 and male, just upfront. I am under a ridiculous amount of stress. How ridiculous? Well, my body is strained so much so often, that it hurts EVERYWHERE. My shoulders, my neck, my chest, my arms, my legs..everywhere tht can be compressed basically. I had a mitral valve prolapse expression after some rather horrific dental work. This is the interesting part:I didnt know what I had. I was scared. TERRIFIED. it got worse and worse and worse, every day getting worse, until it went too far and i paniced hard. Upon arriving at the emergency room (and follow ups and all that yeah) They diagnosed my minor mitral valve prolapse. See, that causes pain inside my heart. Which is horrific..BUT. Since I found out what it was and its general harmfulness, I had *never once* felt that same level of pain. nowhere near it infact. before I knew what it was, the pain radiated into my back and my neck and my arm, and even left them sore for DAYS.There was nothing that could have caused them...except for the massive stress i put. tensing my chest muscles, tensing my shoulders, general stress all over rocketed it up so far and so fast...only to come crashing back to reality when the cause was obvious. My point being, Stress can so very much cause so many problems. I have panick attacks now. They get worse when I get stressed over them. I put more presure on my legs, and every lightheaded or dizzy burst nearly floors me. Just like the mitral valve prolapse though, my heart caused none of this. It was all me, scared and terrified, distressed without cease.Once I erached that point, my chest started hurting and I became terrified of dying..And with each increasing day of strain, it got worse again. It took me quite a while to realiise what I was doing: My complete terror over my panic attacks was making me tense up my chest and shoulders, and made my stomach upset. So they just kept hurting with each passing day. It ws the stress, not the heart.So, as a summary: Can stress cause so many problems? my answer: I spend a year thinking i would fall over dead at any second, I became afraid to venture outside, inundated with constant panic attacks, that would leave me crying..All from stress and stress alone. There was never anything else. And it still panics me to this day.Take what you will from this post; im not you and can only use generalities as a result. But no matter what, keep this fact in your head: Your mind is a powerful thing, do not underestimate it. Tis folly.
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    • September 12, 2011
    • 04:43 AM
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  • Dear waterdeepchu,Sorry, you didn't read carefully what I stated:"Actually the stress could be only one of the possible "triggers" but not the reason of the disorder"Unfortunately, your assumption is not corresponding to reality, and it's not your fault.My statement is based only on the practical experience, but not on the theoretical reasoning.Any of your "panic attack" or "stress" condition can be easily produced at any time. And most of your physical and emotional disorders can be relieved immediately after the starting. It's not my fantasies, it's an objective fact proved by practice. Words mean nothing if words contradict experience.Wish you good health & good luck.
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    • September 15, 2011
    • 03:46 PM
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  • I have been suffering a lot of what you have been suffering. After nine years of being miserable each day, I am no longer miserable. I was put on GABAPENTIN, which is generic for NEURONTIN. I feel human again. I still have other injuries, but all the nerve pain, which I have come to learn has been the greatest source of pain and horribleness, was so gone, I felt like I had not felt in nine years. I couldn't even remember what it was like to be without such pain. It is a miracle.
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