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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 17, 2007
  • 04:08 PM

Hi, I am a 49 year old woman, very active, running for over 15 years, and was training for a triathlon this summer. I reside on Nantucket in the summer months, (deer tick country), and do many off road bike and hikes and runs. Upon returning back to Florida in August, I started having the following symptoms: recurrent UTI's, hair loss (lots!), pain and tingling in left hand and arm, just started feeling tingling in center of chest, and pain in back left shoulder, below shoulder blade. Went to gynecologist, was put on antibiotic for first UTI, went to ortho, who took neck x-ray and prescribed physical therapy and celebrex (diagnosed pinched nerve in neck). Celebrex and PT did not stop symptoms of tingling and pain. Ortho did not want to talk about my hair loss - told me he was losing his hair too. But all these symptoms started together, and I pay lots of attention to my health, and up until now, have not had any other medical problems, not even a running injury. I was diagnosed with tinnitus three years ago, but other than that, have not had to visit a doctor except for my yearly gyn visits. I tried to ask my ortho about Thyroid tests, as I have been steadily losing hair for almost two months. I started taking B-12 on my own when my symptoms first appeared. My UTI did not go away, and I was put on Cipro for 7 days, which I just finished last week, it seems to have helped, but have gone in for another test to make sure I am clinically clear. The ortho ordered an MRI for next week, but does not take my wanting blood tests for thyroid seriously. After doing much research, I think I should also be tested for Lyme's Disease, pernicious anemia and diabetes. How does a patient insist on these tests if the doctor just dismisses them without discussing it? He is just so sure I have a pinched nerve, but that does not explain my hair loss, and although I am under some stress, having raised four boys, it is something I am very used to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, should I insist on seeing a neurologist instead of an ortho? Many people have commented to me that with a pinched nerve, a neurologist is the specialist I need to see. Thank you for any suggestions.

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  • My doctors wont listen to me either, and actually yelled at me for telling all my symptoms. I explained the numb and tingles, and then went on to other things like nausea, heartburn, a bump above my right eye, and was told I was "now just throwing apples & oranges" :( I was told I have carpel tunnel, but that doesnt explain my numb head & face!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 18, 2007
    • 04:20 AM
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  • I,m 40 years old and I,m a big bloke.Ive never hit anyone ever not even at school I had a doctor do exactly the same to me.He slammed his pen down on the desk and started swearing ranting and raving saying I only want a sicknote from him.I actually own my own business employing 20 people so a sick note is hardly any use to me Anyway rest assured he wont ever ever shout at a patient again.Firstly I stood up and 2 years worth of being ill and no-one being able to diagnose me came flying out of my mouth secondly he was told he wasnt getting paid and thirdly I sued both him and the health authority(although I settled out of court for a written apology) The thing with some sections of the medical profession is that they judge you the second you walk in the door.I went to see that particular "doctor" on recomendation by a nuerologist.I was dressed in jeans and trainers and hadnt shaved for a couple of days so this pillock automatically assumed he was dealing with a member of the under-classes I doubt he will ever be as quick to judge anyone again :D
    rich11 2 Replies
    • January 29, 2009
    • 03:02 AM
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