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Do I Have Nerve Damage

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  • Posted By: omoplata
  • March 9, 2012
  • 00:02 AM

Here is what happened around 3 and half weeks ago:
After working chest, back hand traps in the gym, and feeling nothing at all out of the ordinary whatsoever (no new personal records, no new exercises, no new machines, exact same sets reps as I had been doing for a while and same eating, drinking resting habits as always. I was on no medicines and did not take any unusual supplements -just whey, multi, vit C) I came home, spent some time showering, relaxing and eating and 5 hours or so after my workout went to bed. When I woke up, almost all of the right side of my trapezius was sore and painful to the touch, with huge tension in my back and neck. I had experienced a far far lighter version of this on some occasions after working traps in the past and knew that pressure on the areas that hurt would have helped. However, this time, the muscles were much harder to press on as they hurt really badly. I did however, try to massage away the lumps that had formed on my traps and the massage helped a little. However, soon the pain spread to my right arm. Specifically my medial deltoid and most of my triceps (most pronounced was the outer head) were hurting. The pain was very uncomfortable. Over the next few days the pain would come and go. I was prescribed cyclobenzaprine and it did help somewhat.

However I simply cannot stop turning on my right side when sleeping, and as a result, every few days I wold have a flare-up, where the pain would increase again upon rising in the morning. As a result, it was two steps forward, one step back. Another disgustingly annoying outcome was the twitching of the triceps, forearm and chest occasionally. This was terrible when it happened at night as it made it very hard to fall asleep. It is also very interesting that the chest would sometimes twitch despite the fact that it did not really hurt like the triceps and the shoulder. The shoulder, despite hurting, pretty much never twitched. Again, all the symptoms were on the right side. Nothing at all on the left side.

Fast forward 2 weeks and the pain on the arm was pretty much completely gone by then. The trapezius is still little sore and painful by now. When I resumed training, at this point, I realized that I could work my back, shoulders and biceps with pretty much the same weights as before but my right triceps had lost around 40% of its power. Chest was also pretty weak but not as weak as the triceps. I specifically tried doing flies and pec dec to see if my inability to press was due to chest or triceps. Even when I isolate the chest, it is still quite a lot weaker. I did not work traps at all since the incident.

As of today it has been another week and a half. So it's now 3.5 weeks since the incident and my right triceps/chest have gotten a tiny bit stronger. Not much of an improvement really. However, my right triceps and chest are -just noticed this today- smaller than my left side, if you look carefully you can definitely see the size loss. I also have an occasional very minor tingling on my middle and index finger on the right side. However, there is still some tension on the right trapezius and when I massage it, the tingling goes away. No more twitching at all and definitely no pain.

My question is, could this be permanent nerve damage? AFAIK, the literature does say that pinched nerve from such things as carpal tunnel and so on can sustain permanent damage. But can a tight trapezius muscle really cause permanent nerve damage? Is there such cases ever? Google did not help very much with this finer detail.

Also, my bodyfat at the moment is pretty low. Is there anything topical I can apply to loosen the tight trapezius?

Thank you for reading

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