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Complex Partial seizures or what???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 20, 2007
  • 09:31 AM

Around a year ago I began noticing that I kept having these 'blank' spells when I would just not remember much of what had happened and would feel spaced out and fatigued later. After a while I also became aware that during these spells I would tend to fall. This freaked me out and I went to a doc. when all prelim tests turned out normal (BP, Sugar, Spondilitis etc. ) They sent me to the Neuro. There the EEG showed an abonormality and hence the guy diagnosed me as having CPS and put me on Sodium Valporate. But for some reason best known to him after a while he changed his own diagnoses to Vertigenous Migraine and started reducing the medication gardually. Naturally, the seizures that were reducing, came back with a bang and I got scared by his experimentation and went to find another competent Doc. The second guy too ran the same spate of tests and came to the same conclusion - CPS. This time he put me on Topomac. I now take 100 mg twice a day. But the seizures still continue maybe @ once in 2 days. Finally, tired I have gone to see a so called Epilepsy specialist "the best in our city". He charges a bomb. And he has made us do more tests than the other two docters combined and I am deternimed that he will be my last. For after him we will be filing for bankrupcy!!!!:-)) Anyway, he says he is not sure what I have so I am just throwing up an open question...

These are my symptoms...I get to know about an hour or two in advance that "it" is coming. Its just this feeling I have. I can't quite describe it, but its like this heaviness in my head and a reeling feeling and a strain in my eyes. its almost like a mini seizure preceeds the main show. When, "it" begins it starts with a tingle up my neck, a dazing of my mind, my eyes loosing focus, I keep staring, Unable to reply if questioned, limbs being unable to coordinate, feeling limp, trembling, heaviness in the neck moving towards the head. Loosing awareness of surroundings. sense of being in a bubble. when it is over I have very little memory of what has happened. It may last for anything from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. It leaves me fatigues. sometimes for 24 hours after the attack. Sometimes I can have upto 19 attacks in a day. Its driving me crazy. The doctors as much as the Illness. Please help.

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  • You need continuous EEG monitoring -ie, to be hooked up for a day or more to an EEG machine, to have your spells captured while on EEG. If these are seizures, the EEG will show that. If not, it won't. The epilepsy specialist ought to be able to arrange for that.
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    • February 21, 2007
    • 08:52 PM
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  • My mother started having the same symptoms described almost exactly as you have. She has had 3 battery of tests and 3 different hospitals, 3 different cities. She just finished the 3 battery of tests and the diagnosis the doctors had just given us today is the Complex Partial Seizures you mentioned. We are waiting for more information in particular any medication that can help control.
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