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cold spots, mild itching

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  • Posted By: BluePress20
  • November 29, 2009
  • 10:52 PM


I have been worried sick about my symptoms. I've been to my GP for them, and he seems to have ruled out any major problems, but I am still worried since they have not gone away for a period of several months. I don't know what to do next. Any help would be appreciated.

My GP ruled out:

- liver problems with the general external "tapping" method below my ribs, blood liver enzyme tests are normal, ultrasound of my liver revealed no abnormalities. My liver is of normal size (not too small indicating cirrosis or too large indicating swelling),
- kidney tests are normal,
- blood sugar is also normal.
- cholesterol was normal

I am a 33 year old male, with a prior moderate red wine drinking habit, which is my main cause of concern at this point, although my doctor says my blood tests, liver size, and ultrasound test shows no abnormalities. I only have 2 - 3 drinks per week currently.

My symptoms are (in no order of importance)

1) Mild Itching:
Several days a week, I get very mild itching of the soles of my hands and feet, that occurs during the day (not at night), which usually subsides for a while, then comes back days later. I had some other mild itching all over my body, which doesn't occur that often. None of these symptoms are severe, but I am concerned about them.

2) Cold spots / shooting pains / burning sensations:
A few months ago, I had shooting pains to my hands and legs/feet. I also had burning sensations and cold spots ALL over my body. The burning sensations and shooting pains have mostly subsided, but I continue to get the "cold" spots everywhere that disappear within seconds. I get the former maybe once a week, and it goes away.

Once when I was blowing leaves with my right hand for over an hour, I stopped and discovered that when I hit my thumb and forefinger together, it felt like a tuning fork. I have never had this occur after blowing leaves in prior years. This subsided within an hour. I just finished blowing leaves again, and did not get the "tuning fork" symptom.

3) Low grade upper right abdomen ( a little below the right lower rib, right side) discomfort (not painful). The discomfort seems to move from the front to the side at times, and is often unnoticeable. Both my doctor and I have tried pushing under the right ribcage, with no resulting pain or discomfort. This discomfort comes and goes, and has for many months now.

4) Several weeks ago, when I ran out of my vitamins (Alive, Nature's Way) for 4 - 5 days, I got really tired and was constantly hungry, and felt strange. I've been taking them for years, so I'm not sure if it was normal to feel so run down after I stopped taking them for almost a week. I am back on them now, and my energy level is good. I am afraid that if I stop taking them, my energy level will drop again, which I could not tolerate.

5) For several years now, I've had two spots on my skin that incude great pain at times. One directly behind my right ear, very sharp pain that lasts for several seconds, recurring every month or so. Another is a pencil eraser spot in the middle of my back; severe burning. GP poked at it and said he didn't see anything.

* I've been under a great amount of stress in recent years.
* I have no problems sleeping, or staying alseep, but only get around 5-6 hours a night.
* I have had an almost daily red wine consumption for several years, about 2 sometimes 3 5oz drinks most nights of the week. For a few months now I have cut back to a few drinks per week, and have not had a problem meeting this goal, and would not likely have a problem dropping the habit all together.
* I walk a daily paper route for a few miles, with no energy problems as long as I am on the vitamins. When I ran out, I would get pretty run down at the end.

Where do I go next? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :D

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