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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 30, 2008
  • 10:54 PM

Hi all,

I'm 27 years old, female, generally in good health.

Three months ago I started getting various symptoms, including (in no particular order), severe headaches, severe loss of balance, visual disturbances (flashing lights and black spots), fatigue, pins and needles in arms, hands, feet, head, face, and back/neck, some memory problems, and stabbing electrical pains.

This was diagnosed as cerebellitis, which from what I can gather seems to be very rare. There don't seem to be any resources, so I've been reading up on encaphalitis as I think it is somewhat similar.

Anyway - just wondering if there's anyone else here with the same diagnosis. I heard a stat of "one in two million" somewhere, so I might be better off in the rare diseases section, lol.

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  • I think I have the same thing but can't get a diagnosis. All the same symptoms. I haven't found anything either. If I do, I will post. If you find anything, please come back and post here.Thanks.DL
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  • No worries, and thanks for the reply. One thing though - based on your username, do you experience dizziness? If so you have at least one different symptom from me, in that even when my balance was so bad I couldn't walk more than a few steps without falling, I had no dizziness whatsoever.
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  • It's hard to describe the feeling I get as it does not fit into either the description of dizziness or vertigo. I don't (usually) feel like I'm going to pass out (although I did today - all day) and I don't usually have any spinning or feeling like I or my surroundings are moving when they aren't. I simply feel like I might fall over. This seems to be especially confusing to the Dr.s.What were your headaches like?
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  • Initial headache (before my balance loss) was best described as like I had been hit on the back of the head with a two by four or baseball bat. When I got photosensitive, it was made worse with light or moving my eyes (though that pain was behind my eyes) and moving my head, and made better by bending my head back (by eg leaning right back in my chair). Before and during my balance loss, the headache was like a boring sensation, like a hot pole or laser blasting through the back of my head and out my eye; this would last a few seconds only, then repeat several times. Worryingly, when my balance got better, my original headache came back so I kind of feel like I'm cycling between the two. I had a more detailed post in "tell us your medical story", but it's still waiting on mod approval.
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  • Ah ok. My headache feels like someone stuck a knife in my head and left it there. Never any throbbing just there. It is in the right at the base of my skull. This headache is helped by anti-inflammatories. I have them other places in my head too and those are not helped by ANY medication. It's possible I have more than one thing going on though. I definitely in my gut think I have an infection in my cerebellum that causes it to swell. My Neuro keeps telling me that if that was it I wouldn't be walking around- they'd be wheeling me into the ER. I keep saying though what if it's that but the antibiotics I keep taking for the sinus issues is beating it back but not getting rid of it completely. Have they given you any Rx's for this?
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  • What is an Rx?
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  • Sorry when I get too tired from typing I abbreviateRx- prescriptionDx- diagnosisSx- symptomsYou'll see them in other posts too.
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  • Ahh okay, I think Rx might not be used in the UK, as I have never seen it over here. The only prescriptions I have are for pain - neurontin for nerve pain (and it does seem to be reducing the stabbing sensations I have, as well as I think visual disturbances) and tramadol for headache (not completely effective but does take the edge off so I can function). Other than that, from what I can gather, if cerebellitis is the correct diagnosis there's nothing they can do other than wait.
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