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Burning/prickling sensations in lower legs with involuntary powerful leg movements

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  • Posted By: PRAETORIAN
  • March 19, 2009
  • 09:05 PM

Hi all.

I am new to the forum, so hello to everyone. :)

In the last few days have been plagued by a very strange set of symptoms that I have never had before.

OK, I have been a long time sufferer of chronic Psoriasis, and have had every treatment under the sun, including new drugs like etanercept (Anti TNF) I am currently using Topical creams with a mixture of Light ray treatment, and have been doing so for some time.

The only other significant change is within the last 5 months I have lost about 4.5 Stone using a specialised diet program. I am no longer on this diet and eat a healthy balanced diet. I am a 5'7'' tall male and weigh approximately 12 stone.

Other than Psoriasis, I have no medical problems that I am aware of.

So on to the symptoms:

Initially started as extreme soreness and tenderness of the Psoriasis on my lower legs. The skin below the knee on both legs was inflamed and felt sensitive to touch. This lasted for a few hours and then the burning / tingling sensations started, again in both of my lower legs. Along with this sensation comes the prickling sensation. Its similar to the sensation of pricking the skin with a needle - a sort of sharp sudden stab (I suppose a little like pulling out a hair or really severe pins and needles or something)

It focuses on pin points in both lower legs, mainly on the front and rear of the shin area. The sensation builds and builds and then shoots off and it
leapfrogs from the shin, into the front of the tops of my legs and round to by back, and up to my head. This is at the same time as an involuntary and very powerful spasm by where both my legs come upwards and my body goes downwards. So if I am sitting, my legs will come up towards my chest, and my upper body tenses and travels downwards. After this I get a shudderng sensation and a wave of mild prickling passes through my entire body (like pins and needles.) I also get a tingling in my left jawline area, and tingling sensations on my head. I get random waves of itching too, normally concentrated on my shoulders and arms. I then start to shake for a few seconds and then it all starts over again.

The muscle spasms only last for a split second, but the tingling and prickling sensation is pretty much constant. However, I get none of the spasms when I am standing up and walking around, only when I am sitting or lying down. However there is no loss of strength or mobility in either legs so far. There is no numbness either.

The way my limbs spasm is akin to what happens when the doctor tests your reflexes with a little hammer. Its like the neurones controlling the muscles suddenly fire and then stop. It is not like a cramp spasm, and the spasms are not painful. I believe it is definately nerve related.

Its getting very frustrating!! I would appreciate any thoughts or comments on this please :)

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

All the best

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