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Any advise?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 25, 2006
  • 04:02 PM

I want to give you as much info as possible so I'm sorry if this is long.

My husband went to the dr for the first time in March for unexplained weight loss, nausea and fatigue. Normally 180 now 130 fully dressed with shoes on. He's had every gastro test you could order and found nothing. He's had ct and mri's of his torso along with blood work several times. All dr's have suspected a cancer but none could "locate" it. Finally I demanded a pet scan. He had it done in Aug. It was done from base of skull to upper thighs. Opinins of the scan stated Neg ct/pet study of neck chest abdomen and pelvis. No abnormalities were identified to account for patients weight loss. Goes on to state that upper limits of normal calcification found in region of the pineal gland. Calcification in a pineal based tumor could give this appearance. Suggest mri with and without contrast and also stated no hydrocephalus was present.

A week later had the mri with and without contrast and also had a ct scan since the degree of calcification could not be determined by mri. The ct impressions state a large dense calcification is present within the pineal gland. These test also showed alot of sinus damage with a "mass like effect."

He did see a neurosurgeon at very good Med Center in our area that we were told was the best in skull based surgery. She did a exam and then started explaining the mri films to us but was pointing out the sinus stuff. She focused on the SINUS stuff not the brain calcification. She made a follow up appt/mri/ct in 6mths but did say if things get worse to call and felt the Otolaryngologist he was seeing would give us answers. Yes, mri look awful of his face but the sinus disease specialist said there is no mass....further testing was done to determin no sinus cancer.....but refused to treat him until he went thru Onc at KU. Once again cancer is what every dr/specialist suspects but cant find. Onc said no, to send him to internal med. That was about 2-3 months ago and noone has called with a appt.

This bring me to now. At the time of his appt with the neurosurgeon he explained to her if he was bent over and raised up to fast he fell to the ground. It would happen at work so I had not seen it. I did yesterday. I am taller than he is and he just looked up at me and hit the floor. He was confussed for a little while attempting to get up. When he did he just got up like it was normal. I finally questioned him and he said if he stands or looks up to fast it happens. Everything goes white and has no control of his legs. He colapses. He is moody. He can be depressed, angry, happy... it changes. Memory issues. Short term and timeline such as when things took place and in what order they actually happened as recently as a yr ago. His speech is some time off like he's mumbling or drunk. My husband doesn't drink either. He has constant headaches. When he sleeps he has jerking arm movements...not sure if that's relavent but its new.

Since weight loss was the initial reason for going to the dr they have done every gastro related test you could possibly think of. Now symptoms seem to be more neurological.

Can symptoms progess so rapidly in just 4 months? Previous scans indicated no hydrocephalus. Could he possibly be suffering from this now? Im at a loss.

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  • wow i have no idea but wanted you know I am thinking o fyou and praying for you! Try reposting with symptoms in the name of thread it seems people look at it more that way.
    tam4givin 19 Replies
    • December 7, 2006
    • 08:08 AM
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  • Re:any advice alot for you to cope with but it diffenently sounds like some type of problem, maybe either cancer(hate to tell you) or endocrine to me. I'm assuming they ran all appropriate labs and markers for both in the blood work. I would ask for an oncologist referral maybe they could come up with something everyone else is missing. If they don't get back to you with they appt. keep calling your Dr. office everyday until they do! Does ur Dr. know of his new symptoms? maybe that will give them the kick they seem to need. Wishing you the best of luck, you both are in my prayers.
    abmarkpelle 3 Replies
    • December 14, 2006
    • 04:37 PM
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