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was misdiagnosed concerning my neck

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  • Posted By: jim_pa
  • February 16, 2007
  • 03:54 PM

Hi All,

I have an injury that I was told was a shoulder sprain. I went with the prescribed treatment of muscle relaxants and PT. When asked about neck pain I did not have constant pain so I told DR. that and kept pointing to center of pain in upper left shoulder area base of neck. I was told this was the scapula? In any case this went on for a few months until the DR. basically told me there was nothing more they could do. I said what about an MRI to rule out other problems (imagine that I had to ask for the MRI) the MRI ordered was of my left shoulder since the center of pain was in the upper left shoulder. The MRI showed a tear in my rotator cuff and I was sent to an orthopedic surgeon. I was told I needed to have rotator surgery and this would fix the problem. Not that I didn’t agree with the surgeon but he was telling me that the recovery was 3-6 months and I would have a 7 inch incision. (Btw- this was a worked related accident that was reported right away) I continued to work full time for fear of upsetting my employer and the news that I would need surgery to fix this scared me. I asked employer if I could seek a 2nd opinion. They agreed. Within a couple of weeks (it takes this long just to get an appt these days) I scheduled with another ortho DR. expecting to get re-enforcement concerning the need for rotator surgery. To my surprise the DR. said his opinion was that there was something going on in my neck to cause the center of pain in my shoulder. He ordered an MRI of the c-spine. This came back to show a bulging disk. Workers comp was quick to send me a letter of denial with an exception to repair the rotator cuff. I assumed that with the newest diagnosis the neck issues would get added (wrong) I am now trying to pay for and seek treatment for my neck as the original DR. will not do rotator surgery until I do. Is this how thing work anymore? The DR. failed to diagnose the entire scope of my problem and I am left holding the bag and paying for this all on my own until I can get the neck fixed they will not touch the shoulder. In pain but still working due to fear of losing my job but don’t know where to turn.

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  • Jim Pa , while reading your post It felt as though I was reliving my current life. I live in TX fell down flight of stairs @ work. Have had shoulder MRI's found 20% tear in supraspinatis & humerus fracture. Ive worked every day since accident. Ive told the DR from day one the problem wasnt the fracture. I explained the nausiating pressure down my arm contantly & he finally said I just dont know what to tell you. the accident was 6mos ago & it wanst till I flew a couple weeks ago did I have any indication the problem was associated to my neck. When the plane was taking off & landing i lost feeling in the one side of my neck followed by 1dy-2dys very sore neck. When I returned & went to Ortho he called Ins they refused to include neck in injury. I work every day but I'm not going to let my health go by the waste side eithor. I got an attorney to deal with Workmans Comp. Most attorney work on contingency & will fight to get your neck included. You may want to check it out. It wont cost you anythin upfront. let me know if you need help I have some good link to lawfirms across the US. Also if you can share any details about symtoms to incur in the neck area so I n=know what to expect. I dont want to bombar you w/ questions unless you are ok with it. Please let me know? DDRGoldCanyon@aol.com
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  • Hello,Hope you reply. My neck issues are causing referred pain in the back of my trapezius\shoulder area. I also have a rotator tear which is getting more painfull. Dont know where to turn because the rotator surgery is quite an ordeal and I know what ever I do I am severly impacting my career. They just want you to produce not take time off. Please write back with a way to contact you outside of the forum or senn me a prvt message
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