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  • Posted By: Blackhawkcrewdog
  • July 27, 2009
  • 05:14 PM

Hi, I am 32 yo male. I have posted here before. I am still a bit scared. This has been going on for a little over 4 months now. I do smoke a littlen no drinking and have very good cholestorol levels, Started with some racing heart one night. Next day i didnt feel well. Abdominal pains all over. Was prescribed some aciphex for acid reflux. Didnt really help. Two days later went to er because i was having chest pains. Did a EKG, bloodwork, chest xray. I have had a total of 7 or 8 ekgs and bloodwork, chest xrays at er and all were fine. They said Gerd and anxiety. I have been to the er 5 times for chest pain, everything was normal. Treadmill stress test, endoscopy, Mri of c-spine, coronary calcium screening (scored 0). Numerous bloodworks, xrays, Ct scan of abdomen and pelvis. I was diagnosed with esophogitis and diverticulosis, some mild bulging of c-spine disks at c3,c4,c5. Doc says no nerve impengment. All were normal besides a few small issues that i probably would have never found out about without these tests. The pains i have had are usually very localized. They never travel from chest to jaw or chest to arm or such. They are usually sharp or a throbbing pain. usually lasting only a few seconds at a time or sometime for a few mins. But they do come back many times everyday.

I have had chest, neck, arms, hands, legs, headaches, finger pains, jaw, toothaches, bottom of feet. I do admit at the beginning and up until a month ago or so i was having serious anxiety issues with all of this. I have probably been to the multiple dr. visits 30 or so times in 4 months.

The last serious anxiety attack i had was one month ago. I started feeling kind of weird so i sat down and didnt feel quite right so i stood up and walked away. My heart started racing super fast. My left arm went numb and had some tunnel vision for a few secs. My boss called 911. by the time they got there i felt better. My HR and BP were down and the numbness went away. Since then i have felt mentally fine but am still having all the pains i have described.

I dont feel anxious anymore but still have the pains. I usually dont have anypains when i am busy. Usually when i am less busy i have these. I can go out and pushmow the yard when its 100 degrees out and be totally pain free. But when i take a break and sit down within a while my pains will reapppear.

I am currently on xanax, nexium 2xday, and some BP meds. Seen a counselor a couple of weeks ago but do not get to see a real therapist until end of september. I really dont think this is anxiety but i guess that is part of the process?

Please if you have any ideas please post them.

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  • Ok, I have the offical report from my MRI i had done two weeks ago. This is of my C-spine only. report says: An area of fluid signal is present within the c5 vertebral body likey represent a benign hemangioma with slight fatty replacement suggested. The vertebral bodies are otherwise normal in height and alignment. The spinal canal appears slightly congenially, ap diameter from 1.1cm to 1.3cm greatest at the c6/c7 level, otherwise normal in single appearance whti the spinal cord normal in caliber and appearance. The craniocervial junction appears normal. Minimal facet degenerative changes are suggested. Very minimal disk bulge is present to the left lateral aspect at c3/c4, minimally to the right at c5/c6 and very slightly bilaterally at c4/c5 level. This mildly narrows the neural foramina without nerve root abutment. No focal disk herniation is identified. Disk spaces are otherwise unremarkable. My doc says this is NOT causing my pain. My Physical therapist says it is. (more than likely anyways). He is very confident on this. He explained that mri's are taken laying flat and not when you are in abnormal body positions. and mri may not show everything when laying flat on back during mri. Who should i believe? My doc is the one who referred me to PT about 2 months ago and doc is the one who ordered mri of c-spine. This is really confusing to me and VERY frustrating. ThanksMike
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  • Since my last post i have had a Echo, another EKG, Doppler of Corotid arteries, CTA. All normal. Please if you have any ideas or info please post. It has been the longest 5 months of my life. I need help. Thanks
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    • August 18, 2009
    • 01:35 AM
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