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unkown cause for joint pain

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  • Posted By: badlands17
  • May 29, 2008
  • 02:29 PM

Perhaps someone might have some ideas as to what is happening here. I am a male in my 50's with average height and normal weight. On the day before Memorial Day I had taken about a 3 mile walk (which I do quite frequently). That evening I noticed some pain in the groin area of my right hip and my right knee. Since it was discomfort I had experienced before (I used to run frequently but stopped several years ago when my knees started to give me problems), I took a couple of Tylenol PM's and went to bed. I woke up about 2 AM in terrible pain in my groin (hip)to the point that it was difficult to even move my leg over to the side of the bed to get up. Limping around provided no improvement. Couldn't even move my leg or bend over enough to get socks on. Any movement brought terrible sharp pain fllowed by dull aching at rest. By 9:00 I gave up and since the local clinic wasn't open, I took myself to the emergency room. They took xrays and found some minor bursitis and after 6 hours gave me a shot of something (no narcotics as I drove myself there) and sent me home with prescriptions for percoset and valium. Diagnosis was a groin pull or sprain. I took both and by the next day was able to get around better. However, by Tuesday evening I noticed that I was now having pain in my wrists and both shoulders. Couldn't lift my arms higher than my chin. By 2 AM that night I was in terrible pain again. Back to the clinic on Wednesday, the on-call doctor ordered a series of blood tests (one for Lyme disease, although I don't ever rememeber being bit by a tick and never had any rash of any kind). Sexually transmitted issues have been ruled out. She sent me home with a note to take 600mg of ibuprophen 4 times a day. Today, Thursday I sit here with a left wrist that is badly swollen, right wrist less so, shoulders that hurt and have limited range of motion and cannot stretch out my arms to reach without pain. Pain I had in my groin area and knee no longer exists as pain and swelling has migrated to wrists, fingers of left hand and shoulders. The only major swelling appears to be on my wrists and back of hands. Blood test results won't be back for several days. In the meantime I am taking 600 mg of ibuprophen every 4 hrs and mixing in the percoset in the middle of that 4 hour period for the ibuprophen. Am waiting to see if the pain and swelling moves to some other joints or is here to stay for awhile. Never had anything like this before in my life (although I did have juvenile arthritis in my ankles for a couple of years as a child - about 9 or 10). Was wondering if anybody on this board has any experience with anything like this or any suggestions for what this might be. Doctors don't seem to have a clue so far. Thanks for any help anyone might be able to give.

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  • It's almost impossible to tell you what is causing your pain. It could be RA, or palidromic arthritis (sp?) or any number of conditions. You need to ask to see a specialist and have blood tests done. Hope you find some relief... Kiera
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  • Kiera..thanks for your reply. Since I posted a couple of days ago, some of the blood tests came back. Supposedly, one of the tests for Lyme disease came back negative. However, out of 34 tests that were run on my blood, 7 markers came back with elevated readings: Neutrophils 77.1%, ESR 55 mm/hr, glucose 112 mg/dl, SGOT (AST) 105 UL, SGPT (ALT) 116 UL, Alkaline Phos 131 UL, and CRP 10.4 mg/dl. Apparently all these markers indicate that there is some inflammation present that my body is trying to fight. HGB 12.5 g/dl, HCT 38.1% Lymphocytes 9.9% came in below normal limits. However, most things like White blood count, red blood count MCV, MCH, MCHC, BUN, Creatinine, Calcium, TSH, Albumin/Globulin ratios, etc all came within normal range(s). I was sent back to the lab yesterday (Saturday) for further blood tests, including a strange one where blood was drained from my arm into some type of beakers filled with some solution and mixed and is supposed to sit there for 7 days to see if bacteria develops. This was done twice, 30 minutes apart. Other blood was drawn in normal containers for further testing. I was also given a chest xray. An appointment was made for me with some specialist in rheumatoid medicine. In any case, I continue to take 600 mg of ibuprophen every few hours and some percoset (left over from sinus sergery in March which I never used for pain). Only the percoset gives me any relief from the pain which continues to move from joint to joint. This morning, my shoulders are better but my knuckles on my right hand have swollen and some of the finger joints (especially middle fingers) on both hands hurt and won't bend. While I wait for the medical professionals to figure out (more like guess) at what's happening here, I am still looking for any suggestions from others as to any medications, OTC items, etc that others may have found useful in dealing with pain. I have tried both heat pads and cold packs and don't see where either have provided much relief. I guess my biggest surprise in all this is how suddenly and painfully this has all developed and the fact that it has moved. mostly symetrically, from joint areas to joint areas. Thanks again for any suggestions anyone might have.
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  • I know it has been a while since you posted this but I was wondering if you had any diagnosis as this is very similar to what I am going through right now.
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