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Today is my 1 year anniversary of serious backpain with no diagnosis!!need help asap

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  • Posted By: tornique89
  • January 11, 2010
  • 03:11 PM

ok the story goes like this. i'll give you a complete description of my backround to understand my situation.
4 years ago, i was underweight, weighed 50 kg at a height of 167cm.
went to dietitian, gained weight in 1 year, became 70 kg.
went to Gym and swimmed alot. Became very athletic(swimming, running, weights, calisthenics, parkour, acrobatics) and had lots of injuries (sprained ankle, wrists, elbow, landed on my head during a backflip, sprained the back of my neck, tendonitis in wrists) all of which healed within week to a couple of months. Then a year and a half ago i went to the military. Went to special forces, and during BUD/s (BUD/s is for the US Seals, ΣΥΚ is for the greek OYK) training in greece i managed to stay in the program for 4 months before i injured my knees. Knees were full of inflammation, my IT band shortened and i had chondropathy, all these are overuse syndromes due to the harsh training. My whole body was overused though. however, after i finally cured my knees took me like 2 months, i didnt want to wait and rest, recover completely from the military training, so i continued the program by my self, running 7 km in the morning, calishenics, then 2.5 hours weight training, then 25km running, then swimming 2-3nautical miles, then running 20x 100m speed running. I also took Krav Maga and Muay Thai(THAi kickboxing). Everything was going well until on Jan11th i went to my Muay thai Class and did 5 consecutive "tuck jump" (thats when you explosively jump in the air and pull both legs close to your chest, creating a foetus position while in the air, and the fast bringing the legs back down). that was it. it felt like someone kicked me with a construction boot "inside" my **s behind the sacrum. it was an immediate but dull pain. It felt like a bruise, like when someone puches you on the shoulder so hard that you feel a painful bruise-like vibrating feeling but its not sharp but you feel like you cant lift your arm.. thats the feeling.
next day i couldnt get up from bed cause my back was in complete spasm. from the bottom of the inside of the sacrum to the upper thoracic vertebrae.
Now this is the important part... i had 2 completely different kind of "pains". one was the debilitating sacrum/anal pain and the other was a really deep pain that felt like a muscle is really short and nomatter how much i stretch it it wont stretch, like pulling a metal wire. the 2nd pain though was just annoying and could cope with it and also i wasnt paying so much attention to the 2nd one as the 1st one was soo bad.
You know the saying of you can get rid of one pain by using another one.. something like that.

So, i went to canada to study and hence i stopped driving. Driving really iritated the sacrum pain. ever since i stopped the sacral pain gradually went away and now i have no sacral pain. However, the annoying 2nd pain is really persistant. i tried everything.. Physio, Physio with joint mobilisation, Chiropractor, Osteopath, 3 orthopedists, accupuncture, deep tissue massage, stretching, yoga, contrast baths, heat compress, ice packs, ibuprofen,Etoricoxib,muscle relaxants, cortisone injection by an idiot orthopedist. Nothing ****ing helps and i cant figure it out.

So i'll give you an exact description of how where and what it feels like.
first of all, i have no idea where it is. I thought it was in my SI joints, then, exactly above where the iliolumbar ligament is, then in the TFL, then the glutes. i could narrow the pain region as my ""SIDE"", as the pain is kindof on my side towards the back. i cant put my finger on the painful spot and it feels really deep. it also feels like its affecting the iliacus. however a direct injury to the iliacus is very unlikely.

this will help, if ANYONE is willing to help me out. the only thing that gave a 2 second relief from the 1st pain(sacral) was hanging from a pullup bar, arching my back and bringing my knees to my chest slowly. what i felt when i did that was a Grinding, cracking feeling, that happened each time i brought my legs up. And i think that its this thing that caused the 2nd pain, cause i was doing this repetitive movement like 20 times a day for a long time, what muscles are used in that specific motion? iliopsoas for the bringing up of the legs, Quadratus lumborum, multifidus to keep the back arched, latissimus dorsi to help me hang from the bar. Also when i lied down on my back and bend my knees with my feet on the ground, then letting my knees fall to the left, while my back is completely flat on the ground, if i arch my back there's the grinding sound again coming from the right/injured side of my back, whereas when i do this on the opposite side this doesnt happen. This also didnt happend before the injury.

Whenever i exercise my lower back, like back extensions the next day my back is EXTREMELY stiff and painfull. so i stopped exercising for about a year, lost 10kg dont eat aymore cause i dont do anything so im not hungry. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR SYMPATHY just a diagnosis. I tried shotgun therapy, which is doing several therapies at the same time. Physio, Deep tissue therapy, antiinflamatories, muscle relaxants, stretching, hot/cold therapy, and Yoga. Got a bit better , but maybe thats what i wanted to believe.

the only thing that helped for 48 hours was this kinesiologist/deep tissue therapist but i doubt he even knows what the ***l is wrong with me.
I got an MRI of my lumbar, there is nothing there, the doctors told me my spine is ok. that was 8 months ago. I'll probably get another one but, i would like a diagnosis from another source before i get an MRI again.

More info? ermm... i can explain a position that would explain where it hurts. Stand on both legs, then put all your weight on one leg(the right one) while standing on both, that will cause a pelvic tilt the pelvis being higher on the right(it looks kind of like that retarded stance models do when they reach the end of the thing they walk on/ isle??). then lean your back SLIGHTLY backwards and then try to contract the lower back muscles of the right side/while at the same time try to contract he muscles that would normally lift the pelvis upwards(THE RIGHT SIDE). this is the muscle or group of muscles thats killing me, and the last one (the upward lift of the pelvis) i would like to know which muscle it is. Is it the Quadratus lumborum??

Either way, it may also NOT be musclular right? like one physiotherapist told me that my transverse proccesses are stiff and so the nerves and the stiff transverse proccesses are not "Gliding" enough causing friction or some kind of bull****. i dont know anymore.

Personally, i think that I should get an MRI, then 4 lidocaine injections.. one in the QL, one in the Lumbar insert on the Iliopsoas, one the the hip origin of the iliopsoas, one on the piriformis, and one in my lower latissimus dorsi.

Oh, i've recently came to believe that it might also be my Latissimus dorsi because, i used the back of an ice cream spoon to deeply push the region just behind my external obligue, and i knew behind it is Petits Triangle/lumbar triangle, but the part that actually hurt was the muscle behind petits triangle, and i found out that the latissimus dorsi/ lower part.
But it may also be me pressing on my QL cause the position of both is really close at that side. The pain is just behind(i mean from within) and above the iliac crest, between the side of the iliac crest and the PSIS, its kinda located there, somewhat.

So i think i gave alot of info.. whoever has suggestions for a diagnosis Help me cause i'm starting to get really annoyed by everything and everyone, and life to me now is anything but enjoyable, just trying to make it through the ***n day, so that i can just sleep.

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  • Hi,I keep coming back to your story hoping someone has posted a reply. I've had undiagnosed lower left back pain for 5 years after a riding accident (horses). I've had MRIs, CT scans, every diagnostic injection possible (even nerve ablation), only to have doctors tell me I'm a very "interesting" case. I do have a pars defect at L5-S1, but I've had that since I was a child and scans did not show any type of flare up associated with it. I think I have some similar symptoms to the ones you described- especially the sitting for long periods of time (which is anything over 5 minutes for me). I also have a crunching sound at the L5-S1 or L4/L5 position (especially when I try to do straigh leg reverse crunches). The sensation of needing to stretch a muscle that won't respond (psoas and some area around the front hipbone) is mystery to my physical therapist, because I'm hyper mobile (years of ashtanga yoga to off set what I used to tighten up with lifting weights). All in all, I'm in pain every single day. The only relief I get is when I get up and move around- it's weird. So, I pretty much have given up on convential medicine. I think there must be a problem with a ligament, specifically the iliolumbar ligament. Your symptoms seems close to mine, so I wonder if you might have this issue as well. I've been researching iliolumbar syndrome, and the pain referral pattern pretty much matches up. Especially the tender triggerpoints that I have in my lats and Quadratus Lumborum. There is a procedure called prolotherapy that is suppose to fix this issue. I'm an Immunologist, so I understand the theory behind it, but the scientist in me is skeptical. Especially after so many years of hearing doctors say they can fix me, but then just pass me onto another specialist when they fail. Have you iheard of iliolumbar ligament strain (iliolumbar syndrome) and prolotherapy? If so, what have you heard? I have decided to have the treatment done, hopefully this month. I will post results (good, bad, or negative). Hang in there. CriBare
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    • February 2, 2010
    • 04:34 PM
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  • i thought nobody would ever reply.. anyways.. i wouldnt do prolo..you'll hear alot of people saying its good and yapping about it, they havent got a clue about the science behind it and they just post information they found from some random website. prolo is good if you have a diagnosis and then do prolo. i dont have a diagnosis.. however.. after my 1 year aniversary of pain on january 1o i think, i told myself, instead of sitting down and not do anything and have pain, im better off doing something and have pain. so i started exercising again, talked with my brother which is a semi-professional tennis player and he told me that whenever he has any kind of back pain his physiotherapist gives him specific ab exercises. so i researched what the theory behind that is, and i figured out that by doing specific ab exercises, it relieves tensions from the iliopsoas. and ever since i started, some tension went away. my diagnosis is still iliopsoas, and quadratus lumborum, but ever since some of the tension from my IL went away the tension went further up, so i have reason to believe my iliocostallis muscles are also affected, i dont think its the iliolumbar ligament. i researhed that, and i dont think so. the thing is that i cant really pinpoint where the pain is, its in the hip,groin,low side back, sacrum region, which is a big region.. i have lots of info about the subject but if you want to contact me send me an email at milksnake_88@hotmail.com
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    • February 3, 2010
    • 08:15 AM
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