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tingling, minor pain, hands and feet

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  • Posted By: bg1977
  • March 24, 2010
  • 02:10 PM

A bit nervous about all this...possibly more than one condition causing it.
32 yr old male, 5'7 tall, 250 lbs, caucasian.

Have had anxiety since mid-1990s, was on Paxil, Wellbutrin at various times, but have taken no meds for this for ~8 yrs. Most times I'm just fine but I do worry a lot and still get anxious at times.

Have had some arthritis-like symptoms in right knee and both ankles and PCP seems to agree that it could be arthritic.

I admittedly don't exercise really at all.

Occasional mild to moderate, non-aura, non-debilitating headaches - one Dr. called them migraines, but since I sometimes get a back of neck pain with them I'm not sure. Sometimes I'll get 3 a week, other times, nothing for months.

Have a one year old son - don't sleep much these days!

A little background - have had minor, off-and-on tingles in my feet since around 1990 or so (age 13). Never actual numbness, just some pins-and-needles. More recently, in maybe last 10 yrs, some tingling and occasional minor pain in hands, esp. when driving or shaving.

I work an office job and used to drive a lot (former job was sales).
More recently, in the last year or so, I've had an increase in the tingling sensation in both my hands and my feet.

In my hands, it seems to be mostly after I installed a wood floor in our house and did lots of pounding, lifting, twisting, etc - they hurt for DAYS afterwards and have been "worse" since then.

For my feet, I've been getting more foot tingling - sometimes a piercing tingle mostly on the right foot but sometimes on the left, that is almost electric-shock like in nature. Also, a pain that goes down the back along the hamstring, down the calf and into my foot - not an intense pain, but a noticeable one almost like a pulled muscle - sometimes at the same time as the foot tingle but other times they occur seperately throughout the day. Most of this is in the right leg and foot, but a little bit in the left at times. It has gotten a lot worse the last few days. Seems worst when I sit, slightly better when I stand, and pretty much goes away entirely when I lie down in bed at night. Sometimes instead of pain or tingling, it feels almost "cold", but if I actaully touch my leg with my hand it feels normal. I also get occasional pain in my tailbone that seems worst after sitting for long periods.

I keep thinking a sciatica type issue possibly (can it be in both sides?), but I don't play sports or do much heavy activity - but - when I do lift or move, I know I do it "wrong" (i.e., use my back instead of squat and use leg muscles) and I did hurt a bit after lifting/moving some furniture and various home improvement materials over the last 2 yrs.
That doesn't explain my hands though...and even my hands sometimes get a less-intense electrical type tingle at times, but much less frequent. Oddly though, today I have the same "coldish" feeling in my right hand/arm too...but just today, that's not typical.

Also get an abnormally high amount of cold sores on my tongue and gums, usually have one, it goes away, then another a week later, that's been a pattern for a while.

Finally, I have been developing brownish freckle-like spots on top of both feet - they don't itch, they aren't raised up or anything, just darker. A few of these spots extend up my ankles a bit.

PCP has me going for a thyroid "panel" test, a B-12 test, a dermatologist, and neruologist.

I'm a worrier - keep thinking stuff like MS (I'm the right age, but I don't have any of the other symptoms like cognitive issues, vision, balance, etc), cancer/tumor (white cell count normal though, no other signs) etc...
No issues with balancing, vision, diabetes ruled out, no weight loss (but I'd like to, just no "unexpected" loss), no bowel issues, and no erectile issues. Circulation seemed fine to PCP.

FWIW, I've never missed a day of work due to any of this, but I'm concerned it might be something serious and/or progressive.
Anyone got any ideas? Could it at least in part be anxiety-related since I've had it to some degree for most of my life? What about MS or something like fibromyalgia? Both would be less likely in a male...but still.

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  • Seems this board either gets a million replies, or zero! :D OK - more info: Most of yesterday and today so far, very little tingling anymore, but some slight achiness/weakness in my right leg and arm, and a brief bout of slight numbness around my lips (although, I still had feeling). All was gone a few minutes after I got into bed. Today, as I drove to work, I started noticing my arm again, got worried, and it seemed to get worse. I keep flipping in my mind what I might have: Anxiety, spinal stenosis, MS, tumor, B12 deficiency, Guillian-Barre (thought last night since it seems to be "running a course" that perhaps I might have a very, very, very mild case of GB Syndrome)...I'm too young for this sh*t!!!
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  • Wow... those symptoms almost fit mine exactly. I'm a few years older, a few pounds heavier, and have one more kid, but everything else is about the same. I've had diabetes ruled out, and have some blood at the doctors checking b-12. This "flare up" started in May (I think) with trigger thumb in my right thumb. Followed by short bouts of muscle spasms in my left thumb, left upper arm, and leg. Then it was shooting pains in my right forearm, pressure in my left knee, throbbing in my right big toe and left calf, and pain in both feet. The most recent thing is deep muscle pain in my right thigh and occassional brief bouts of numbness on the tip and right side of my tongue. It's almost never the same thing twice and there's something every day.Hope you get yours figured out...
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    • October 21, 2010
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  • Hey guys you are not alone I have got same symptoms as you are I can see your add is from 2010 how you are feeling now could you let me know. Thanks
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  • Ss
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