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Swelling in Calf

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  • Posted By: GoPokes
  • April 24, 2008
  • 06:15 PM

Hi, I am having a problem with some swelling in my left calf. To start from the beginning, I was born with hip dysplasia in my left hip, I had corrective surgery which left my left leg an inch shorter than the right. At some point (within the next 2 or 3 years most likely) I will have to have the left hip replaced. In the last 4 years I have had a two disc fusion on the two lowest discs in my back, the disc right about the fusion was replaced with an artificial disc, and I have had the hardware from the fusion removed.

About a year ago I began to have some pain and swelling in my left calf. It comes and goes, every other day or so. I have had an untrasound, so I know it is not a blood clot, or some sort of vein problem in my leg. I have also noticed that this calf bruises very easily, I won't even notice that I have bumped it, and suddenly have a large bruise.

The only think that seems to relieve it is elevating the leg and/or wrapping it with an Ace bandage.

Does anyone have any ideas? Could this have something to do with the bad hip?

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  • "I was born with hip dysplasia in my left hip, I had corrective surgery which left my left leg an inch shorter than the right."Hi GoPokes sorry if i am asking a silly question but have your doctors added an addition to the bottom of your shoe to equal the length of your legs.It is difficult to give a specific opinion about your condition but i am sure that any mechanical dysfunction of your hip or a leg length discrepancy could cause problems in your spine or your legs including your calf. however it is possible that your calf pain has an other cause. How is your gait are able to walk freely and smoothly, is your gait symmetrical? can you walk without a limp? Any problems with your gait could cause injury to both the joints of your spine and legs and the soft tissue that surround them
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  • Hi Oscar,I do have a lift for my left shoe, however; I don't use it regularly (I know, bad girl!). Most of the time I am able to walk smoothly, with no visible limp. The last few weeks I have been having more hip pain though, so I have been limping a bit. And now the calf pain seems to be radiating to my knee a bit, causing it to be sore. I hope this provides more insight. Thanks for taking a look!
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  • Hello again Gopokes there is not much i can say but i think your problems are probably interrelated. I am sure you have been told before that if your legs are not of equal lengths your pelvis will be unlevel and this will cause all sorts of problems a heel lift or an addition to your shoe is not a perfect solution but it should help. (do you get the hint wear your lift) sorry i don't mean to lecture you but i have read so much about this sort of thing in an effort to try and understand my problems. You said you have a lift, does this mean a heel lift that only raises the heel.
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  • Hi Oscar,By lift, I do mean a heel lift......I never felt a big change with it, so I don't wear it as often as I should. I also think that this must all be connected somehow, I just wish I knew how. I am going to see my chiropracter tommorrow, and will ask him if he has any idea as to what could be causing it. It worries me, however; because it seems to be circulatory in a way (with the bruising and all)......you mentioned your condition, do you have some similiar problems? Thanks!
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  • Hello again GoPokes thanks for asking about me, i broke my ankle about 20 years ago the fracture was not picked up at the time, and it did not heal well, now i cannot walk properly on it, and i have hip, and back problems it is difficult to get a doctor to look at my ankle, they pretty much dismiss it without any investigation. I have large varicose veins, especially in my calf on the good side, along with occasional calf, and ankle swelling. I think you could be right about your calf swelling being a circulatory problem, it doesn't sound like a typical condition that would be caused by a bad hip, but problems caused by abnormal function can manifest themselves in many ways, so i have read, and experienced personallyI also see a chiropractor who is some help however my condition has never resolved, i believe this is because the motion of my hip, and pelvis is affected by my ankle.An inch is a rather large leg length discrepancy, and over a long period of time it is almost inevitable that it will cause some problems, an addition to the bottom of a shoe can sometimes be more helpful as it goes all the way to the toes. Sorry if i am harping. Good luck with the chiropractor i hope you get some answers, and some help
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  • Hi Oscar,I wanted to mention that I did go to my chiropracter, and I mentioned the leg swelling. He took a look at my leg and said that my knee was out somehow, I think he said twisted or something to that effect. He manipulated it, and oddly enough, I didn't have trouble in the calf for a few months, it has been 3 months now since I saw him, and the swelling and heavy feeling has started again, so off to the chiro I go again. I am sorry to hear about your problems, I know how frustrating and painful back and leg problems are. GoPokes
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    • August 21, 2008
    • 07:11 PM
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  • thanks go pokes good luck with the chiropracter
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    • August 25, 2008
    • 10:54 AM
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  • In response to the bruising, I’ve been using this stuff on my kids for a while that’s been working great. They both play soccer so they get cuts and bruises on their legs often, not to mention they’re just generally rough when they play. I was reffered to this stuff called bruiseMD (you can find it through google) by another mother at school. The ingredients are all natural and it works quickly so it’s a great bruise remedy. Hope that helps!
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