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Swelling and pain in calf - torn muscle?

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  • Posted By: disneygirl5
  • July 28, 2007
  • 00:06 AM

Bear with me for the background:

About 5 months ago my family was at church, entering the pew. While I looked to my right to see that there was room for everyone, my mother put the heavy wooden kneeler down and knelt on it -- right on my foot. The kneeler had these pointy wooden "feet" and it went on top of my foot along with her weight (not much) and the weight of the kneeler.

It was only there a few seconds, but my foot was killing me afterwards. Went to the ER and they x-rayed it, nothing broken they said -- instead telling me it was a sprained foot. It swelled up and got a little black and blue. I iced it, I rested it as much as I could, but I had to go to work. I teach and I am on my feet all day, often walking the campus back and forth.

Long story, but the foot never really got better. Instead, I started compensating for the pain by walking kind of limpy. Then my calf started hurting, up by the muscle. Stupdly kept going on it, and it got worse. There was a bruise and lump now on my calf. Went back to the doctor who sent me for more x-rays and a ultrasound to check the veins in my leg. Nothing wrong with the veins, but no answer on my calf! This doctor was in the middle of pulling up stakes and moving to another state, so I kind of got lost in the shuffle.

Now I just returned from WDW and all the walking that goes on there. My calf is swollen now! And still the top of my foot swells. It looks bad. I guess this isn't going away on its own. What should I do? Does this sound like a torn muscle? Can you walk on a torn muscle? Because I've been doing it.

What type of dr. should I see? It was GP that saw me the two times already.

I need advice! I'm scared thinking about it.

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  • Well, went to an orthopedic sports dr. who offered no opinion but sent me for an MRI. Just came home from that test. The technician said that I may have to have another MRI with some dye injected due to the swelling that is present in my calf. Anyone ever have that kind of MRI? Why do they need the dye?
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  • There is something called contrast enhanced mri with the injection of a dye the mri becomes more sensitive and is better at picking up damage to the veins and arteries.
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    • August 12, 2007
    • 02:29 PM
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  • Well, MRI results came back last week -- I don't have any torn muscles but I do have strained ones. He said the muscles and ligaments are enflamed and that is why the leg is swollen. He put me on some kind of steroid and after 3 days on it the swelling has come down quite a bit. I must keep it wrapped and try to stay off it, which is difficult in my job. But I am trying. He said I would have been better off breaking it because sprains take a notoriously long time to heal. Great.
    disneygirl5 2 Replies
    • August 19, 2007
    • 06:51 AM
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  • Not the same scenario, but I tore my calf after getting out of the car too quickly post workout back in October. Subsequent to the calf tear, I developed what's called a Baker's cyst (a build up of synovial fluid in the knee joints) and it burst --- the pain is unbearable. After MRI and xrays, I was told there was nothing to be done but let it heal. The downside is in the past 8 months, I have retorn my calf and have continued leg swelling down to my ankle. I've been told by my ortho that the healing time can be extensive and the swelling is the body's way of protecting it from further injury.
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