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Sore Collarbone AC joint.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 26, 2007
  • 02:57 AM

Hi all ;)

Over the las 3 days my right colarbone has been hurting quiet a bit. There are either two possible reasons that caused this. I trained chest and bis on the morning, and that afternoon i fell asleep on my right shoulder and woke up with my collarbone feeling sore and compressed, from what i thought was leaning my bodyweight on it for so long. could have been from the gym when i was doing cable crossovers though.

Where it hurts.

If i have my arms hanging at my sides it is uncomfortable, if i shrug my right shoulder up it feels good, f i try to pull my arm down, the pain gets exponentially worse. I can do any movement of my arm, but pull it down as it hurts and feels tight.
Moving my neck towards the left so my ear points to my left shoulder, makes the pain worse.

If i feel along the collar bone, it is only tender to touch around the AC joint, but very far behind the bone, (hard to get ur finger in there unless u lie down)

I thinking ive strained a muscle, hoping no tendon or ligament though. Giving it a few days more rest and seeing how it goes, as today i have less comfort when walking around.

Will train legs only tomorow, leg press ect. that gives me another two days to see.

Anyone had similar, or do i need to provide more info for one of your diagnosis?

does anyone here ever gets that sore collar bone, ac joint area when sleeping on one side for a long time, like u wake up and its sore for 10 min or so?

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  • Hi, I have simular problem and have for a while. My collarbone is very sore to the touch and also I have trouble with my bones around my jaw are very sore and a little tender under my jaw line??? I had two results come back for lypus but doctor says I do not have that??? My white blood count was low! I hurt in my legs and arms and just feel really bad some days!! Just don't know. I have also this pain in my stomach almost like it is in the tissues. I just odn;t know. However, my doctor put me on cymbalta which is suppose to be for pain maybe coming from depression. It is depressing to hurt but I can not tell this medication helps at all???Does anyone have any suggestions? Many Thanks Oh yes, you may email me if you wish at patden@bellsouth.net
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    • February 3, 2008
    • 02:45 PM
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  • I cannot lie on my right side at all, due to a AC joint problem ( which i thought was my shoulder rotor cuff, until the doctor diagnozed it as some AC joint problem. He wanted me to go for an MRI but i couldnt as have no insurance. I basically have lived with it for a year now. I thought it was just wierd i couldnt reach back to clip/unclip bra, then started hurting taking clothes off and on. The doctor diagnozed it was AC joint problem with stretching bent arm across the stomach with pulling on it. I about hit the roof. I can reach up almost straight without pain. Your symptoms are very different to mine, so im thinking maybe its more the collarbone then the actual joint from the collar bone to the shoulderbone. I know im not much help, just describing what at least my AC joint symptoms are, as you may have something else than i do. Id check it out, i went to a orthopedic specialist for mine, xrays didnt show much he said. i wonder what it did show, sounds like a little something.
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