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SI Joint Dysfunction??!

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  • Posted By: CassieAnn
  • March 29, 2013
  • 00:23 PM

Hello everyone! I am new to the site and searching for a diagnosis has brought me here. I have a history of numerous stable pelvic fractures sustained in a motor vehicle accident in 2006. I had fairly regular flare ups before i became pregnant 2 yrs ago that were always brought on by over exertion that included symptoms mimicking that of "throwing my back out" (muscle spasm, pain, stiffness). There was always a specific incident I could recall that caused symptoms at that time. The pregnancy was difficult on my back but not horrific. Post partum is when the issue became much worse though. I've been experiencing severe knee, hip and low back(near the sacrum) pain since my daughter was 3 months old. The pain has become debilitating, increasing in frequency and severity at a rapid pace. The knee and hip pain are primarily on the right side although the left is also beginning to ache as well now. I went to PT for 5wks at 2x/wk 1.5 hr sessions and the therapist told me she felt the sacroiliac joint was locked, the R side of my pelvis was tipped forward, the L side was raised, and I have a leg length discrepancy. However, every doctor I have seen (including the dr that referred me to PT that presumably recieved reports stating this) seems to be convinced it is my lumbar spine. I've had 3 cortisone shots in 7 wks in the hip and had no improvement. As a matter of fact the last shot which was given 5 days after the previous one made me so stiff and sore for a week I could barely walk. I have FINALLY convinced the ortho dr to order an MRI of my pelvis but the info I am finding in research is saying most imaging will appear normal for SI Joint dysfunction! I have no idea how to get a doctor to pursue this diagnosis or at very least try to rule it out. I should add that I did have an Xray of the lumbar spine that was reported as normal. The tech told me at the time of the imaging that the radiologist would not comment on the pelvis since the order was only for lumbar. The dr I was seeing at the time said that was a lie and that lady should've kept her mouth shut!(really sweet lady) I left her office with a referral for acupuncture! She basically told me it was hysterical pain. I just want to find the right type of dr (ortho hip specialist or ortho spine?) and find out what's going on. I am definitely not imagining it. I can barely walk some days! I was wondering if anyone else here has been diagnosed with this or if anyone is having similar issues and what you are doing for treatment. At this point I wouldn't hesitate to get an SI fusion if I thought it would stop my pain and allow me to get on with my life!

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