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Pain in foot-- has something broken healed wrong?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 28, 2007
  • 04:56 PM

About two years ago I dropped a (heavy!) portable TV on my right foot. At the time it was pretty sore, but I didn't seek any medical advice. There was a bit of swelling, but it wasn't persistent so I didn't see a doctor, and I just put up with the pain in the weeks afterwards. About a year after that I tripped on a high sidewalk and hurt the same foot. I went to the A & E and they decided, after an x-ray, that my foot was sprained. It was bandaged and sore for a few weeks (3/4).

I'm not entirely sure that my foot wan't sore before the sprain, but I know that it became very sore a few months later. And then it seemed to recover. And a few months later it was aching again. This has continued, and every couple of months my foot swells and becomes red and tender at a certain point (about two inches above my second toe in the middle of my foot). When it's red and blotchy like this, it's painful to walk and nearly unbearable to press on the top of the foot. At the moment, it's worse than it usually gets during these... 'flare-ups' (for lack of a better word-- it certainly seems like imflammation or something) and aching even when I'm not moving it or touching it.

I dunno if this helps, but it hurts to move my foot in a circle and to point my toes. Moving from side-to-side is less painful (it smarts a little bit to turn my foot inwards).

I've been looking at information about broken bones in the foot and all I can seem to find is that not treating leads to complications-- but what? Can anybody advise whether it sounds like I broke a bone at some point and it healed over incorrectly? Or could it be a muscular issue? Do I need to see my doctor?

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  • If you have broken a bone and you leave it untreated, the bone may repair itself but not staight, did you completly rest it?? you may have some ligament damage, ligaments can take a long time to heal, longer than a broken bone would! i have ligament damage in my hand, and it still hurts at times 4 years after it happens and it still swells. im no expert, i would advise you to see your GP, if you dont feel happy with the answer you are given then go to another doctor to get an answer. you could try a support bandage or a foot support (not very comfortable) but every one is different, it doesnt suit everyone. good luck danielle :)
    Danni 1989 12 Replies
    • September 6, 2007
    • 00:36 PM
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