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osteochondritis dissecans

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  • Posted By: atwitsend
  • May 6, 2010
  • 01:07 PM

In February, I began with knee pain especially when sitting down. Pain begins at about 30 degrees - past that I am fine. I have pain when I weight bear to lt leg. Consequently, in Feb I started at gym. Now I have pain in the knee, muscle spasms in lt leg and burning back of lt thigh. I went 3 weeks ago to a sports med dr. had a MRI and was diagnosed with osteochondritis dissecans. He said "I would bet my career that that is what is wrong with you." I got referred to an expensive specialist 30 mins away. I went for second opinion locally to an orthopedic surgeon ( which I work with -thus less expensive.) He said "Its just arthritis." ( which is what the orginal radiologist read it as.

I did receive a cortisone shot in the knee by the orthopedic surgeon which did not do anything. I still have alot of pain. I need to get back at the gym but do not think I could do anthing with this much pain.

Not knowing much about the syptoms of this diagnosis, I am looking for insight for anyone who has experience with this.

Some other symtpoms I have are: joint effusion, contusion marrow edema, caritlage defect according to MRI, no swelling or redness to left knee, just pain when standing weight bearing or sitting at 30-45 degree angle only (past that I am fine)pain to outside of lt knee, throbbing to thigh and buring to behind knee to thigh off and on.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • Not knowing much about the syptoms of this diagnosis, I am looking for insight for anyone who has experience with this. Thanks in advance for any help.Hi I have had OD affecting my left knee since I was 16 (I am 31 now) and have had two surgeries to remove fragments. Both were arthroscopic, though there was a patella release done in one of them which required a 7cm incision. I can't offer much with regards to your specific symptoms. My own are instability, severe crepitus and effusion on a fairly constant basis. More rarely, my knee will twist and have a popping out sensation, though has not dislocated as such. I also have a lot of pain in different areas around the outside of my patella on palpation - my last doctor's visit I had actually drawn the pain spots on so she knew exactly where to target her own investigations! I'm a bit of an old hand at this one!MRI is one of the most accurate ways to diagnose OD lesions. I had an xray that showed some but upon arthroscopy they could not find all of the fragments (!?) I also read recently that it is suspected that OD contributes to a lot more OE cases than previously thought, but is not often diagnosed. I now have both in the one knee, not so much fun I can tell you.I know that it's expensive to see specialists, but it's worth it in the long run. Find someone who specialises in knees if you can, it makes all the difference to have someone who is really up with the play! They should be observing rotation when you're walking as well, as people with medial femoral condyle lesions often change their leg rotation to avoid pain. http://www.mdguidelines.com/osteochondritis-dissecans is an information source of info.All the bestStaceox
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